Thursday, April 26, 2012

Computer dead

Just a quick note to tell you all the reason why I am not to be seen around blogglandia lately...

My trusted laptop decided to leave me, it had been suffering from several deadly hiccups for some time, and now it was no more...

A new "friend" has been ordered and should be in my grasp within the first week og May, and I will sure update you on fleamarket finds ect ect when I have it!

Hope you are having a good time!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nantucket Dream Bathroom

My bathroom is just that... pathetic! Really... it's a super tiny space with a loo, a shower, a sink and a washer. There are TWO doors and no windows... 
I love the idea of small, framed mirrors grouped together.

The colours aren't bad, a light blue with some flowers. Quite serene and old fashioned actually. But I dream of something else. I want a ceiling window put in... becuase did I mention it has a slanted roof too?!

maybe NO shelf, but something like this instead?

I want it to be painted, maybe a light gray/blue... foggy colour. And I want it to feel "nantucket" like. Maybe some old wooden whales, some wood... and lots of vintage feel...

totally want a table for my sink, but with curtains in front, to hide plumbing.

But for this to happen I need to tear out the old mirror (that the last owner cut through the moding to get too fit!!!) and the horrible old cabinet. The sink needs to go too, and the washer will be banished to the basement, which makes much more sense. As the basement leads straight out to the clothesline, and there is allready a huge sink down there... 
a whale on the wall...

I dream of a different bathroom... but I have decided that the guestroom HAS to come first... then the library! I just need to START dont I?!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Paper Craft

Was alittle bored, and wanted to do a quick craft. So I made paper butterflies to adorn my rusty birdcage for the spring. These are super quick to make, and so easy. All you need are vintage butterfly images, and a printer. Then you need some magnetic tape. I have both the thin, and the thicker kind. And the thick one worked best when trying to hang the butterflies to the cage, possibly becuase the magnet should be strong due to little surface metal to attach it to.

A close  up of a blue one, attached to the old rusty bit in my hallway. I later moved it to the cage, where I felt it belonged... 

It's a subtle decor. But I imagine these would look brilliant on table decor as well, for a wedding ect ect. Attached to cans, candlesticks ect ect...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vignettes from Vinnord

It's sunny outside, and I am moments from taking my Sherlock Holmes out on the proch, for a coffee and a read in my rocking chair... *happy sigh*

But I wanted to share with you some more spring vignettes from the cottage today, with a wish and hope, that you are all having sunny days today!

A gift from my sister. A little bunny-bell in ceramic. Love it!
 That bunny is painted by me, when I was a little girl. I love him! I love how even back then, I liked it GREEN!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Thrills...

In Norway we always read, watch, devour crime and mysteries during easter. It is a tradition completely exclusive to Norway, or so I hear.

This year I decided I wanted to read something classic, something I have wanted to read for a long time...

Who else could possibly accompany me better this week than the king of sleuths himself; Sherlock Holmes...
ahh... I can not WAIT to dive into his world, his remarkable being and witt... Pipe, hat and tea are mandatory... and I will be reading it from my typical british leather chair, of course!

I have long looked for just the right copy of this, I didn't want the individual books, I wanted a nice big collection... And there it was, finally. A stylish copy, with a scarlet (...) bookmark, and gilded pages. I was in love!

So thats pretty much my week set out for me isnt it? Plowing through some good old fashioned brilliance!

I am leaving you today, with a favorite picture of me and Pixie, I never-ever look this stylish at the stable, which is why I felt I had to share ;)

Have a superb easter everyone!