Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hokus and Pokus

My little furry boys are growing SO fast. They are now zooming around the room when I put them on the floor. And today was the first time they made it in, and out, of their drawer-home. I have now found a small litterbox for them, and I keep putting them into it. Food will arrive in a few days as well...

They are just so cute though. And when I call Hokus comes running. He loves his cuddles that one. They are both polydactyls, as I think I have mentioned before. Their paws are massive! 

Soon, I am sure, they will wreck total havoc in my livingroom... Yule will be interesting with two tree climbing nutters about..pluss my allready crazy cat, Huldra.

I just have to say though... kittens seem to fit nicely into my decor. Ha ha... I should have them around all the time. 

And who can resist something as cuddely as kittens?! Really???

so from all of us here at Vinnord... a very good night!!!

all photos by Eva Feldmann

Friday, November 25, 2011

soon it is...

Yule time all over again... I usually decorate early in december, so that I can enjoy the whole holiday month... 
My palette has always been reds, silver and white, with evergreens and lots of lights and glitter... 

For my first year at Vinnord I decorated alot darker, more glam. Last year I converted to a more country style, including alot more aqua and turqouise, as my house is dominated by these colours allready. 
I didnt swap too many things out. These birds are with me all year long. The first year I put them away, but last year they got to stay. 
Here is the table, my first year here. Everything seemed a bit more "grande", if you know what I mean.

and alot of silver!

Last years table, with the tree in the background. And this is where I am wondering what to do... I LOVE the full trees, styled in lots of glamour and glitter. A Disney tree!!!
my 2009 tree...
but this year I have been inspired by simple trees. Country cottage style trees....
oh what to do what to do....

I know I'll probably end up with the full tree... even though a simpler one might suit my home better... 

I have also collected so many new ideas through pinterest! I can't WAIT to get started!

here is just a couple;

Tomorrow is my big 30th birthday bash. I am having my ponyclub-friends over for dinner :) And lots of wine! I am sure my actual day, which is sunday, will be spent with a headache! But oh well...
And then on tuesday, I will start decorating!!! :)

More pictures to come, then.... oh and I am dying to show you my new office/atlier furniture from the 1930's and 40's... I am so in love with it. But my camera cant handle the light up there, so I am gonna ask my sister to take a few shots :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Things are happening

There are things happening, and changing in the office!!! 

Here is a hint.... this picture and the fact that I located that EXACT chair at the fleamarket a couple weekends ago... and now my sister gave me something to go with it...

Stay tuned ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wishful thinking

Well that guestpost I had a few days ago made me dream of my library again... and I have been searching far and wide for inspiration. It is a small-ish awkward room with slated roof and am dying to get started on it. Although my first project should be the guestroom

I have found book cases and shelves from ikea that I could modeify, allthough I met for dad to build it in hardwood, I'm thinking it will take forever, and cost too much... but he could def. modify these and make them look older, more heavy...
And I just cant wait to curl up in the sofa (which I allready have) and read the day away...
I would keep all my naturalia curiosa up there, it now resides in the atlier, and there isnt room for it all. I bought a new chair for the atlier by the way, a 20's wooden office chair. Gorgeous! But now my desk dont match. So I am on the lookout for a new one...

I would looove an old roll-top desk. How cool would that be... sigh!
A girl can dream...

well well, I hope you are all having a dreamy monday!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Life

There has been an addition to the Vinnord family! Two in fact!!! My dearest Heksa (the oldest cat) had her kittens finally! There were three kittens, but the third was not healthy and died within hours of being born. I knew it would end that way as soon as I laid eyes on her. Half the size of her siblings and lacking patches of fur. I could not get her to suckle either. Both me and my helper Eva, tried our best. Momma cat eventually smothered her.I cried alittle, but that is mother nature, she gives alot, but takes also. It simply was not ment to be.
But the other two, BOYS, are thriving. They are cutest darn things I have ever seen! And I have no idea how I am ever gonna manage to part with one of them. So there is a sliiight chance that they both just have to stay here at the Cottage with us. They serioulsy look like cotton balls, fluffy fur, round bellies! I am in love! For a cat lover like me, kittens = paradise.
 I have named them..... Hokus and Pokus!!! Their momma is Heksa, which means, "the witch" :) So honestly, I couldnt name them anything else! But enough talk right? Meet the boys;
that's Pokus on the left, he was bron first, and Hokus were born 2nd.
 This here is Hokus... my white one, with patches of gray stripes... 

And this is Pokus... he is nearly completely tabby with very warm-brown fur. He has white feet and a white face. Both kittens are polydactlys too, just like their moma...

Arent they adorable?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Guest Blogger - Reading Nooks

Hi all, Mari here from the Arcadian Lighting, a great place to learn about lighting ideas and trends. I'm so happy to be visiting The Cottage of Vinnord. What a lovely place it is! Today, my guest post is about reading nooks, combining two of our favorite things, reading and decorating ideas. When creating these special places for reading, considerations include a comfortable place to sit or recline, pillows for comfort, natural light or lighting fixtures, and of course a relaxing atmosphere. Here are eight of my favorite reading nooks. Please enjoy!

Reading Nooks

A clever use of the sometimes wasted space under a staircase, the soft color palette of this nook creates an inviting place to rest and read a bit. You might add some under cabinet lights if the corner is too dark to read.

Reading Nooks

Up high under the rafters, this white on white bed easily doubles as a reading nook by day. Books and other reading material are kept at the ready on the antique table nearby.

Reading Nooks

What is better than a reading nook? In this space, it's two colorful window seats for reading. The lovely florals and contrasting aqua and deep rose fabrics give this space a happy feel.

Reading Nooks

A dream come true, this sunny vacation getaway nook with an ocean view could not be more perfect. Comfortable and well-lit by a clever swing arm wall light, this very special reading place has curtains to pull for a cozy cocoon-like feel.

Reading Nooks

The wide horizontal stripes on the walls give this country nook a stylish look. For a bit of privacy, simple curtain panels can be pulled across the door.

Reading Nooks

This colorful and comfortable nook has an appealing ethnic design and requires no furniture. An inviting space is perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea.

Reading Nooks

This built-in nook has versatile space that is perfect for reading, relaxing or even accommodating an overnight guest. For reading at night, a ceiling light has been placed above the bed, while twin lamps on the desk/dressing table provide ambient lighting.

Reading Nooks

Could this tiny room with oversized lounges be more perfect for relaxing and reading on a sunny afternoon? A cozy indoor space, this nook has wide windows that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Don't these relaxing designs make you want to do some reading? Comments are welcome! Head over to Arcadian Lighting to get more lighting fixtures for your spot! Images: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |