Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expeditions of the unknown

My "sisters" from Germany are spending their summer here i n Norway, working alittle and just visiting. I have three sisters from Germany, all former exchange students that lived with our family. They've become part of the Feldmann family, proving that love is thicker than blood any day! I miss them terribly when they are not "home" with us, and we're lacking one girl this summer to complete the set. But getting all five of us together is a tricky task as we all grow older, have lives and jobs that eat up our time.

I am however, very grateful for every minute spent with these brilliant girls! Last weekend we gathered at the cottage for some silly fun, good food.  

It's been raining so much in Norway this summer, this day was a very rare day of sun. We enjoyed it to the fullest by having breakfast at the picnic table, and staying outside for ages.

After breakfast we went wor a walk, or rather, a wade into the cottage stream. It runs just across the field, and is usually NOT this deep. But we still decided to go exploring the fairytale woods. It is truly magical in there... We all felt alittle like Indiana Jones :)

It was a perfect day! Even Hokus thought so, but then again, that kitty is nearly always happy-go-lucky!

I have a couple more days worth of work to put in at my job, and then I am off for 3 weeks pure bliss! One week will be spent exploring Wales in the UK (Going to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show) and the other two will be spent doing fun stuff, in and out of the cottage. 

Have a GREAT weekend!

photos by my sister!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

the old garden chair...

I had these old garden chairs.... and I was about to throw them away when I had a brilliant idea of making one of them into a garden swing for my large birch tree!!! I put my handy-man-dad on the case, and a few days later I could swing the summer nights away....

He cut off the legs, added some new support (that I still need to paint as soon as the wood dries up!!!)

I bought some cheap ribbon and tied it to the chains for some extra colour and whimsy... They blow ever so pretty in the wind!

now if it would only STOP RAINING!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days fly by...

Summer has so far kind of rained away for us here in Norway, but I don't complain too much. I am used to these "english" summers anyway. And I LOVE storms... I love sitting out on the porch when the sky goes dark, the wind picks up and you can see the rain travel across the fields to the drum of thunder rolling!

yeah, but I really don't mind the sun either!!!! I wish for some sun now!

It's been a crazy month, lots to do, and not enough "me time" at all... I've been able to pull off a few minor projects, but none are really finnished. I hope July will be better. I have at least, no horse shows to plan this month!!! That's something :)

So what did I do?

-I got my kitchen garden going! Yay for me!!! It's still not painted, and looks a bit messy... but I have veggies!!!! Imagine that....
- dad finnished the chair swing for the big tree But I need to paint it, and get it hung up there.

What did I want to do this summer?

- get the guestroom done!
- paint my buffet in a dark navy colour!

yeah... well the summer is not over :) There is still time!

Tomorrow my "sister" from Germany comes, and on sunday yet another sister from Germany arrives. Two of our past foreign exchange students are spending 4 weeks here with us! I simply cannot wait to see them again!

And thank you so much for all your sweet sweet comments on my surgery & weightloss! It means alot to me!