Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the stable....in progress

I promised you some photos of my stable, and here they are. Keep in mind that it is still in progress. And the details are FAR from ready. It also resides in a concrete building. At the cottage these stalls will be fitted into a wooden building. So much more warm and charming right? I have ordered some decor for the doors, and I have a few frames and paintings to hang too.... 

 My favorite part are the blue doors. :) And the turqouise wall hooks. I cant wait for it to get more dirty though, and worn. It looks too shiny and new now... And over time I'll be adding more and more details to it. Just too bad I cant hang stuff from the walls. Allthough I am getting one wooden list to use for pictures ect ect. But it is still not the same as it will be at the cottage.

I finally pulled out the camera and snapped a few shots around the house as well. But no overviews... as most of my day will be spent cleaning... oh yes! And a big sigh....

I found this sweet fella in an garage-shop. And I fell in love with his tail. I collect porcelain horses for my hallway, and thats where he resides.

I've also rearranged the sidetable underneath my bird cage. Where I now keep my Thelwell books and some candy in a jar. 

I know it's not much, but its alittle update right?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still breathing...

I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life is busy and truly I am stressed out. So I have had no time whatsoever to play at home, unfortunatly. So therefor no new interior shots today. Allthough I am sure I have stuff to show you. Soon I hope!

So for now you will have to be satisfied with a picture of my pony... yes I know it's been very horsey here these past posts. But Pixie is a big part of my life, and she has inspired my decorating as well as my style. And I just love this picture of her that my sister took last weekend. I arranged a pony show, and I was speaker at the same time as trying to keep it all together... So a friend showed her in the ring.

She'll be home first week of October, I hope. Her stable is ready to be inhabited, and I find myself spending time there, even if there's no one living there yet. I am so thankful to my father for building me that stable. Next year I hope to move it to the cottage, but for now it resides at my parents farm. And serioulsy, I cant wait to get up at dawn to go see her every morning. Her and her sister.... Wee-Glenys. My two ponies this winter.

so untill I have some more decorating to show you... don't forget about me ;) I sure need some sweet comments and smiles these days. I kind of feel a bit "off". And that just aint any fun!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Divine Equine

It's absolutely no doubt about it. Autumn has arrived. I am not the least bit sad about this. The air is crisp, the smells are wonderful, Pixie will soon come home from her summer on grass, the stable is nearly done, there are fleamarkets every weekend, and mushrooms are sprouting all over the place. As soon as my parents come home from their week in the Cretean sun there will be several days where we all pull together and get the firewood inside, fix the stable to perfection and get ready for winter. My family always do this together, because working as a team is so much more fun than alone. And it usually means alot of coffeebreaks, even more laughter and something good to eat at the end of the day :)

This wooden stand-basket-thing was a fleamarket treasure from last weekend. I am thinking of using it to hold old brollies and canes. So now I have to look for that :)
Like my dirty old stable-boots? :) The ribbons were Pixie's catch from the weekend. She came third in her class (of three... so uhm...) and got two nice ribbons. We are getting quite the collection now.

I really miss Pixie now, and I cant wait for her to come inside. I am actually looking forward to getting up at six am each morning, head down to my parents farm and do the morning rutines before having breakfast with mum and then off to work. Having horses is the best cure for any depression or low feeling in the world.

I also wanted to share with you some inspiration from pinterest. For my stable. The stable at mum and dad's won't be decorated as I want it, but once I move Pixie to the cottage next autumn, it will be a different story alltogether.
(click image to go to source)
I wouldnt mind a fence like this for my girls next year. But I hardly think I can afford something like this.

I like this, hung somewhere. So now I am looking for a metal horsehead like that.

I totally need those boots by the way! They're gorgeous! And dead expensive too :(
It's important to look good in the stable... eh... well I usually wear track bottoms and old disgarded shirts. oh well...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pixie & Nora

Sunday was another outing for "team Pixie". Which means me, my sister and Pixie, the pony! It was a tiny, local horse show that we went to. This time however we brought with us Nora, my cousin's daughter of 14. Nora loves all animals, but because of allergies in the family all she can keep is a fish. You can't cuddle a fish!

So I let her handle Pixie for most of the day, and the two youngsters got on so well together. It was so fun to see. Nora is not used to handeling horses, and especially not yearlings like Pixie. But both she and Pixie rose to the occasion beautifully. And as the day progressed, so did their friendship. Nora enjoyed walking with Pixie so much that by the time the judge wanted to see her she was rather pooped! Ha ha... well thankfully I never cared about the judging, I just wanted my girls to have fun. 

And I really think both Nora and Pixie had a wonderful time together. And we can't wait to have her over again.
Nora really dressed for the occasion in a plaid coat, hunter green wellingtons and scarf. She looked like a model from the english countryside.
 Nora also helped me wash Pixie the day before. Which was a new experience I am sure. She was alittle worried about what Pixie would behave, but they soon found the tone, and from then on there was no parting them.
For me it was alot of fun to see my young pony handle a "newbie" so well. Even when she was alittle worked up she behaved pretty darn good. She reared once, which I have never seen before, but she never tried to pull away. I can trust her with anyone!
We also had a chance to meet other ponies and horses. This here is Flame, a mixed breed riding pony. She was lovely!
I will leave you today with this image, to show you the wonderful weather we had towards the end of they day! At least you could pick me out in the crowd eh?

Hope you all had a great weekend. I also found some fleamarket treasures, which I will update on in a later post!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dustpan & Fruitpress.

The last batch of those treasures I found last weekend. I wonder what this comming saturday will bring :) Sunday I am not going because of another horse-show for Pixie to attend. But I am SO going hunting saturday.
 it's nested up there on my shelf. Mum found it for me, and I love it! It's green, so of course I treasure it.
it's a fruit press. I dont know if I'll ever use it though. But it sure is pretty.

I also found this old dustpan. I hung it next to my DIY blackboard and hung polaroids by magnets made og old buttons.
 pretty cute huh? Thats my sister and I by the way, this summer at a car-boot sale in England.

see you after the weekend yeah?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Autumn

September... maybe one of my favorite words and names. It just tastes soft, cool, and cozy to me. And today didnt dissapoint, I woke up to a foggy field. A silence, a promise of colder days to come. Crisp air and warmt of a scarf wrapped around you.

September... I welcome you.

Sipping my warm cup of morning coffee in the rocking chair on the porch. Wrapped in my favorite wolly shawl. I am once again reminded why I love autumn... I plan on savouring every moment of this season.

These two canister were bough at last weekends fleamarked. Love them... I keep walnuts in one, and the other is unoccupied at the moment. But probably not for long.
I am so frustrated with my camera, well mum's camera to be honest, I cant get the light I want. Not like my sister does it. Everything seems either washed out, pixelated or too damn dark... If anyone has any handy tips for me... let me know. Becuase I love to style, but photographing it is simply a pain. And I cant anoy my sister everytime I want to blog! o.O you know...
I play around with ISO and other settings... but I fear this camera simply isnt up to the task. And my rooms are quite light filled, they arent dark... Aaargh -and tear my hair out- 
Hope your camera is working for you :)