Friday, March 23, 2012

one DIY lantern makeover

This is an old project, but still one of my favorite. I love lanterns, and I have more then I can count really. I always wanted some big floor laterns, but they are so expencive, I never could afford the ones I liked. Then I found a set, at a cheap store. I liked the deign, I hated the colour. It was a dark black-brown stained with something that was supposed to resemble rust. They were not classy at all! But they were cheap! So I bought them, thinking I could fix 'em up alittle :)

before picture. I have removed the glass. This is the larger one of the set.

I had some left over green stains from diy-ing my diningroom candlier, and I decided to try and get a verdigris effect out of it.

 I added alot of layers, rubbed it down, spritzed on some light aqua, and then rubbed it off again... it was messy, and alot of fun. Finally I was left with a effect I really liked.
The lager lantern has been used for many things. Not just candles. I used it as a terrarium for  while, and then I had smaller hanging lanterns inside it. After I while I found this tealight tree thing at a fleamarket and decided it would look cool with it. They now live in the stairway. The only place they really shine and stand out :)

Inspired? :)

on another note, I am absolutely itching to get my hand on some of this stuff:
I have so many ideas how to used this stuff. This paint contains REAL metal particles, and the reactor stains force out verdigris, rust ect. My og MY! It is a decor-freaks wet dream!!!

I have found it in Sweden, but not in Norway yet... sometimes I really hate living up north!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etsy shopping & bunting

when you are low on money (thats me, ALWAYS!) and you are really aching for some shopping... etsy is my favorite. I just bough the most darling prints, that will go in my guest room. And I hardly paid a thing. LOVE etsy... (just wish I lived in the US... as shipping overseas is darn expencive sometimes)
now, tell me this isnt cute?!? And it has a GOAT! I love goats... 

...of course etsy has more expencive stuff as well... and I decided to share with you some of my favorite shops today...

like Hey YoYo, they sell retro kitchen paper goods. Like striped paper straws, and cup cake liners... I drool over this shop all the time. And I will be getting some liners for portion-made-pies :) 
cant you see little pies made in these? Hmmmm...
striped straws! oh yes...

See why you should visit this shop?

And now onto something else...  FeltTree, a talented felter... I love her little creations... like this tiny bambi...

and then there is Belle & Boo, the cutest!

last I want to share with you; Gardens of Whimsy
her photos of products are just stunning!

Most etsy shops ship all over the world, just in case you wondered. 
Happy shopping!

and on a side note, I have been on a bunting madness the past days... see?
The photos are a bit fuzzy :( Bad light I guess...
 Me likes!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

egg laying bunnies....

It's soon easter... or oestra as I prefer to call it. A Spring and fertility celebration... I have to admit, Vinnord has allready been decorated with some eggs and bunnies :p

I just love this holiday... 

This year I might not be at my best when the time comes, and for the first time since I moved to the Cottage I will not be hosting the Easter Brunch... that will be strange, but I promise to make the best one yet, next year!

I have also been in a bunting-making-mood. Just love little buntings for spring... It makes everything more cheery! So me and dad got some new decor under the cloche :) I really love how it turned out.

 Hope you are all enjoying the spring, where ever you are. And that the sun shines, like it does here!
I promise to be back with more spring/easter decor soon!

-Trine xx

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ever been to Marita's?

There is a charity shop not far from Vinnord called "Marita's". It is a Christian shop, helping out people in need. Every week they are open tuesday evenings and saturday mornings. It is a wonderful place full of treasures, and it's all for a good case too!

it is where I bought my blue shoes (here photographed) at the shop.

 It is the nicest place really, with the greatest workers. All volunteers for this good case, among them, my sister Eva!
I highly recommend going there. The Marita Fundation has this shop in Mjøndalen, and one in Oslo.
They have a facebook page: Marita's 

They have great coffee and sinfully good waffles!

So if you have nothing to do tomorrow... you now know what you'll be doing ;)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My blue suede shoes...

Well not really mine, I never walked in these. But I do own them now... my favorite treasure from this Saturday morning thrifting...

I wonder who's tiny feet once trotted about in these :) I fell for that colour, right away. I needed them! They were a tad expensive, but I couldnt leave them there alone :( I just had to adopt them :)

You understand, don't you?

I found more, by the way ;) So pop in later to see!

I am also joining in on the Polo House - Favourites on the First :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

this is ME!

NIB (Norwegian Interior Bloggers) hosts a contest at the beginning of every month. I used to enter alot, but lately I havent. I just have not been inspired by their themes... up untill now that is :)

This month's theme is simply "this is me".... show your personal decor style... and if anything, Vinnord oozes of personality... she's ALL ME!

so here is a selection of some of the things here at Vinnord that is all me, my creativity and craziness!

using books to keep the matress in place, adds a quirky factor to my bedroom :)

my diningroom is my favorite room at the cottage. The colours and the light is just perfect.

these homemade butterfly magnets are found everywhere in my home. They add just enough whimsy to anything.

I love cloches, and the vignettes underneath changes often.

possibly my favorite decor detail, the horse shoes on my steps

equestrian flair in the hallway. Pixie's prize-ribbons and just enough oomph.

the birdcage with ivy has been well used in many a home, but the hanging keys are rather original :) I love this idea I had, and it has not worn out.

my atlier is filled with strange items for holding my tools. It gives me alot of inspiration.

whimsical wall hangings in my atlier, hung "all over the place". There is no doubt that an artist works up here ;)

So there you are, some of the personality traits of me, and of Vinnord. Now wish me luck in the contest ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Equestrian Flair

It happens over and over, I get bitten by the equestrian chic bug that goes around. As you all know my mudroom/hallway is equestrian-ized (or if you missed it, check out the before/after section - mudroom). But A few ponies has def. made their presence other places as well... Maybe it comes from owning the sweetest pony ever born (Pixie of course!!!), or maybe it's just in my blood.
the white horse, found at a fleamarket is a favorite. It works well in my diningroom, and will not be moved to the hallway any day soon.

then there is these Schleich ponies... pure plastic fantastic... but I collect them and decided to use them here and there.... 

I am also forever and always hunting etsy for equestrian treasures. Both for my hallway, my stable and for everywhere else :)
Here are some of my newest "wanted" items...
Wouldn't mind this above my door! (I have very deep framework around my doors)

I have a million ideas on how to use old stirrups! If I could only find one cheap!

Framed books on horses would be a cool feature for the stable!

I am also always on the hunt for blogs/sites/magazines with some good equestrian decor ideas and details. Know of any? Please let me know :)