Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Pixie

Some autumn photographs of my beautiful girl :)

Isnt she just stunning? Or is it just me? HA ha.... My baby is growing up...

We were trying to catch her high step trot, but all she wanted to do was  gallopp 'round and 'round.
This is Moslåttas Wee Glenys, Pixie's paternal sister. She is living with us for the winter. She belongs to a friend of mine, who also owns their gorgeous father, Marcello, a truly stunning palimino stallion.
This last shot is my own, the rest of course is my talented sister at
This was just one of them lucky shots as she came jumping out of the hedge and over a fallen tree. I couldnt believe my luck when I saw that it was in focus!!!

Jahrs Faerydae Pixie is a yearling Welsh Cob-Pony (sec. C). For those of you who doenst know, the welsh pony comes in 4 different sections, or sizes if you like. The oldest and original is the Welsh Mountain Pony, not to exceed 12 hands or 122cm (in Europe, USA has its own laws for some reason.) The next one is the Welsh Pony (sec. B) It is a larger pony which can reach up to 13.2hands or 137cm (by UK standards). This is a lighter pony, more for sport use. The Welsh  Cob-Pony (sec. C) is the same size as the Sec.B, but is stockier, has a more powerful build. More to resemble the Mountain or the last section, which is the Welsh Cob (sec. D.) this pony must be above 13.2 hands (137cm) and has no upper hight limit. Many grow as tall as horse standard size. 
My Pixie is a cross between a mountain (sec A) and a Cob (sec D) which produces a Cop-Pony (sec C). She is small for her type, allthough there is no lower limit on a C, you do prefer them to grow above sec.A size :) 
The welsh is a UK breed from Wales and is extremely versatile. They excell in dressage, jumping and driving. They have incredible movements and a very high steping trot. They are warm blooded, but steady and secure. Yet they can look extremely fiery in the show ring. I love them, and I would never ever switch breeds. My girl will never be tall enough for me to ride, but I bought her as a driving pony so no worries :)

So there... an update on my baby girl. I went to a couple of fleamarkets today and last night, and brought home treasures! I'll be showing them off soon :D

Monday, October 24, 2011


My blogging inspiration is a bit off latly. I dont even know why, I just don't have anything to show, or talk about. There are no new projects going on, just a few unfinnished ones (the mudroom doors & floors) that need to wait untill spring. I am dying to get started on the guestroom, but money is a bit scarce at the moment, so that too will have to wait.
But on a happier note,I THINK my dear Heksa cat is pregnant! It looks like she might burst into kittens at any moment. I have been wanting a litter from her,, so this is happy news! But now I am scared shitless that something will go wrong of course! I hope she and her kittens will be alright and I cant wait to meet them all :)
  You know what!? I am in a Yuletime mood allready. Kind of crazy I know, it has NEVER happend to me this early before. But I serioulsy cant wait for dec. 1st so I can start decorating my cottage! I am not gonna bore you with holiday inspirations yet though, as I fear you all may be more normal than me and still be in autumn mode! Ha ha...
I've spent alot of time reading too, the new "Septimus Heap" book, called "Darke". It is like drinking one huge cup of creamy hot chocolate. Serious goodness! Angie Sage is a star. Not since Harry Potter has books tickled my senses like this one! So if you havent read them yet, and miss that thrill of HP I think you should pick them up. I am NOT comapring them to HP though, because SH is alot different from HP. But they are G-O-O-D man... truly!
I'll be updating with some Pixie news as well, was out photographing her the other day :) With my sister. I think we got some really good photos.

if there is anything you would like me to blog about, anything you'd like to see more of, please let me know :)

(all images by from my cottage)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Latte Bowls & Vintage Spoons

During one of my many fleamarket prowls this season I stumbled upon one of these spoons with a pewter neck. I fell in love right away, and when I dug around the box I found another four. They are long necked, so I think they work super well for deserts served in a tall glass. 

I also dug out some of my newer latte bowls, man I am addicted too these. Not only are they pretties for the eye (and I do not hide them ine th cupboard either), but they are so handy for when I am making food, baking or simply serving up small batches of things. Can't ever get enough, can I? 

October so far has been chilly, but very sunny. I am loving this weather, and we sure were due a gorgeous autumn after that rather soaky wet summer. Serioulsy! The ponies are thriving too, and they seem to be very content in their new stable. I am finally getting past the worst of the cold that had me crippled into a ball of snotty unhappiness. Still not cured, but at least my energy is back.

So I am hoping for a fine weekend, seems sunday will be a busy day at Vinnord with everyone comming over to get it readied for winter. Stacking firewood and fixin' the doors & windows ect. I will need to come up with something hot for dinner that will feed a bunch. 
I am also hoping for a trip to a few fleamarkets :) After all the season is nearing the end, and I dont want to miss out on anything good :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Snapshots from the Cottage

I'm still pretty much flat on the sofa with the flu, but I did manage a few shots today.
these candlesticks were bought at the fleamarket. The smaller one I had from before, and the medium one I had one just like it. But I managed to burn it with a candle that I didnt blow out soon enough. Sigh. But luckily for me I found one just like it and another larger one. I painted them the same shade of aqua as the small one, distressed it and dirtied it with dark wood stain :) To make it look alittle more shabby. I LOVE them. I used to have three from before, but two candlesticks and one for a pillar candle. I just love this so much more!
pretty pink rose from my sister :) I love the shade. This photo is mostly here becuase I have been tweaking and making it look better in PS. And I think I might be getting better at it... allthough I wish I could afford some really good actions.
bought me a pear today, and it got plomped into the teapot... I just like how it looks for reason!

Well I am back to bed, with a hand full of tissues and hot tea!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

oh well...

I ment to make a good update today, do some shots around the house, and show you some autumn decor. But I have forgotten the camera at the stables. Yupp... I was photographing Glenys and Pixie, and there is still is. So no photos from me to day I'm afraid. I have just started my autumn holiday, with a cold. Hurray. But at least I have a super excuse to lie on the sofa, drink tea and read blogs. eh? 

Also, the horses has finally moved into the stable, and after a day with a bit of trouble, my friends horse decided to make a break for it, twice... she broke out of the fencing and went back into her box. Ha ha... at least she didnt run off. But my sweet dad made a better gate for the paddock, and they now stay inside like good girls. I love having them home, finally. Pixie is so cuddely, and you can really see she's lighting up when I come down to brush her. Because they are still youngsters, I leave them mostly alone for now. Just a little brushing once in a while. But during winter I will start taking them on walks :) That should be fun. 

I am sharing pinterest delights with you today, in lack of anything else.
Keep enjoying October everyone! I will be back with cottage-udates soon!!!