Thursday, January 17, 2013

Belated Yule...

Well isnt it christmas in july... no wait... january!
Sorry for taking my time with the yule post this year, really! But I desperatly needed a better camera to shoot, and had to borrow my sister's fancy one! :) And what a pleasure to photograph it was! Now it's on my wishlist, and will likely never happen :p But maybe she will lend me it once in a while ;)

So behold, and feast your eyes on Yule at the Vinnord Cottage 2012...

the newest addition, a snowy girl... I love her wee expression and she GLITTERS! So how could I resist... really?

I love fake snow, and glitter for the holidays! 

silver baubles and assorted nuts in a vintage bowl.

See that rusty iron crown? Found it in the cupboard under the stairs I did!!!

Since I dont have a mantle piece, this buffet is my major decor area in the diningroom :)

Almost all of my santas have been bought at fleamarkets throught the years... 

the tealight glasses was a gift from friends. And the glittered pony a christmas project by me. Glitter, white paint and voila... christmas pony!

My hallmark "santas of the world" collection. Small, but very well loved. Norway - because thats where I come from :) Germany because thats half my roots! And England, or UK, because part of my heart always lingers there after I lived in Glasgow! I really want a scottish one, and an american one as well. Preferably midwestern as I used to live a little in Nebraska... but they are hard to come by :( The two first were a gift from my Nebraskan family and might just be my favorite santas!

 Little elf children in Norwegian national costumes!

childhood photo of my granny... I've borrowed this a while now, and need to remember to take it back to her!

And now into the bedroom

 my walls in the bedroom are light aqua, and I decorated with dressing up the wreath that always hangs there... easy-peasy

I hope you enjoyed this holiday tour!

Have a great new year everyone!