Monday, May 30, 2011

Paper Staws

I love these new paper straws that I ordered from the Cupcake Social. They just scream summer at you :D And they are durable too... I left a straw in water overnight and it was still strong the day after! Yay!!!
they come in lots of different colours and patterns. I of course, fell in love with the green and turquoise ones :D
I've been neglecting the blog lately. So sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes. I have loads of new stuff to show you... I just need a sunny day with the camera... sigh!

Monday, May 23, 2011

After the storm....

...there is always a sort of strange quiet.

Yesterday was a surreal day for me, with alot of grief and anger. Alot of crazy....

But when is all is said and done, when all angry words like thunder have been laid to rest, gray clouds have left the sky and tears like hail has stopped falling... the truth is, as so many points out, I still have this:

My beautiful little girl has grown into a gorgeous little lady, and she impressed the judges enough to name her Youngstock Champion and Reserve Best in Show. Well noted that the show in question was a small one, but her grading was excellent. She knocked them all dead :) And I am forever proud of my darling Jahrs Faerydae Pixie... I just wish I could have seen her there. But no amount of angry screams, tears or threats will ever bring that moment back to me. I will simply have to try and be happy for her excellent results. And try my best to see the good intentions behind what backfired so extremely. And in time I will... but yesterday I did not.

I feel strangely empty and alittle relieved... just like after a storm...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Dreams

after a rather useless day of migrene, I decided to camp out on the porch, wrapped up and watch the storm roll in... it was brilliant! Rain smells so good!

I love my porch, but I have wishes, and dreams for it... and big big plans... here are some inspirational pictures for you too oogle at, and dream up your own garden hideaway!

Somewhere I need a garden swing... it's not a question of if... but of when.
Have a drink of lemonade in the deck chair, which I have, though it's not yet in the right colour...

I will find the perfect vintage wheelbarrow...
My door will be painted a fresh aqua, and not the dreadful pine-green it is now...

I really love this idea :) the moss, the different etched votives... sigh
someday my porch ceiling will be painted a light, airy aqua!
and I will drape said ceiling in fairylights....(source)

Maybe I'll add a chandelier with greens...

And I am on the constant search for the perfect rocking chair!(source)

What does your garden/porch dream look like?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I obvioulsy dont have the right equipment for this kind of photography... I was trying to capture the underlight in my cloche, in a rather dark room... It's times like these I miss my sister and her fantastic gear and talent! *giggle*

But it looked lovely...

Monday, May 9, 2011

the Equestrian Hallway....

the hallway is ready! Well actually the floor needs one more but you know... I was a bit tired of it all... :p So I'm using it.. the floor will just have to do, for now!

the old riding helmet is in velvet black, and is a gift from my sister. Found at one englsih carboot sale :) The black horse hooks were a buy from ebay.
Rusty old horseshoes from Ole's farm... I had other plans for these, but then fell in love with this idea that sprung in my head one late night!
and YES YES YES I know that the luck will "run out" when they are facing this way... but I have another saying.... if it's hung like this over a door the luck pours over the persons walking through. And seeing as these are on my stairs I imagine my stars will be bathed in luck for anyone that walks them ;)
If I had a penny for every time people told me turn them around... I'd be wealthy! Ha ha...

A dainty detail at the top of the window.
I am not sure about the chair and I am thinking about selling it. If you are interested, let me know. It has been painted and distressed in a lovely pale turquoise.

The basket under the stool is for shoes :) I can never keep shoes all lined up, so a basket is the best solution.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my hallway :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vinnord featured at HGTV!

In early april I was contacted by assistant editor the massive interior website and tv-channel HGTV. It's big in america, allthough to most norwegians it might not be too well know. It has a cool feature where you upload your rooms and get them rated. I dare say it looks like I am the only norwegian on there...

Kayla Kitts, the editor, found my dindingroom and loved it so much she wanted to use it in a "Summer Style: hottest colour trends of the season" web article. Of course I wanted to be a part! I felt absolutely honored that she picked my humble diningroom among the thousands that excist on the hgtv pages!here is what she wrote about my room:


Although summer is typically associated with vibrant, saturated colors, bold primaries have been toned down with white to create shades of aqua, misty blue and azure. RMS user WhimsicalWitch gives her kitchen a shabby-chic makeover by adding sporadic splashes of aqua to the crisp, white space. Freshly painted chairs, distressed shutters and aqua-trimmed stemware bring a cool, delicate feel to the room, ideal for a true summer look.
Go here to check out the full article: HGTV Summer Style

*Dances around all happy* I find this very exciting!!! Maybe even more so beacuse ALL the other images, except one (maybe) were from PROPER DESIGNERS!!!! How cool is that? Yes I am mighty proud today :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Victorian Sponge Cake

Victorian Sponge, done my way, is perhaps one of my favorite cakes to make, and to eat.
This one was made for the easter lunch, but would work just as well for may 17th, the national independence day in Norway.
It's filled with vanilla custard, forest fruits and whipped cream. It's not too sweet and tastes divine with coffee!The top is covered in strawberries, walnuts and brown sugar :D

It is the favorite of my little "sister" Libby, so everytime she's around I have to make her one :) Or she'll get all sad!

Here is some details from my easter decor, the table made for lunch. It was a standing buffet, so no plates were set. And I left the decor light and easy so everyone had enough space for all their food. And it was alot of food!

I actually have ALOT to show you now... the hallway is more or less done, and can finally be photographed and I also have a news on the porch... sigh.. so many things to do.. check back often and you shall be rewarded!!! ;)

photos were all taken by my sister Eva at