About Vinnord

I discovered Vinnord at finn.no, a norwegian ”ebay”. It was the summer of 2008 and I had been house hunting ever since I moved back from Scotland in 2006. 2 years! I was getting alittle desperate, but I knew what I wanted and I wasnt going to lower my hopes or dreams. The houses I viewed were too big, too modern, too expensive, too close to traffic, too much to do, too damn ugly.. yeah well you get the drift. 

I hadnt seen any hopeful houses for a while, and even though Sigdal was way futher into no-mans-land than I had planned on, I decided to give the small, red cottage nestled by the woods a chance. At least it was a viewing, at least something was happening, if nothing else. So I brought my dad, mr know-it-all handyman who would be doing all the work, so he had his say of course! I also brought along Kathi, our german exchange student at the time, and my auntie from America.
It felt like a long ride. And I decided not to get it even before we came there, it was too far away from...well...everything! I did want to live rural and in tune with nature, but not so far off as this. There was after all a difference between “rural” and just plain “abandoned”.

Even though I had decided not to buy this cottage, due to it’s uber-rural loaction, my heart skipped a beat when I first saw the red cottage. It was picture perfect, a wooden dream nestled in between a forest, a field and a small creek.
My aunt of course, loved it! She looked around every room, peeked behind doors and was so excited. My dad approved and phoned mum saying this was probably my dream house. How well he knows me! I looked around the awfully dark 90's rooms, dreaming of what it could be and before we left me and Kathi were allready talking about colours and kitchen fronts!

Was I really gonna put in an offer for a house so far off from everything? 
But the house itself was perfect, just what I had wanted. That night my mum and dad drove past it once more, she needed to approve too, and it was. 
The bank even approved and the day after that wee cottage was mine. All mine! It had all gone so quickly I didnt really realize. I spend more time deciding on socks in the morning! Dad phoned me with the brilliant news at work, I was a house owner. Finally! Agust 1st 2008 I stood at the front of my door, key in hand! All the papers were signed. The cottage of Vinnord was mine!
My entire family helped me paint and we worked hard! I did the most important rooms first, the kitchen got ripped out and replaced. We painted every wall in the living room and diningroom. We fixed quirks and we laughed alot. The bedroom was tackled and January 19th 2009 I grabbed Heksa under my arm and drove home.
My best friend stayed the first night with me, just in case I felt it would be scary. But I need not have worried. There is a special peace at the Cottage. Anyone who steps inside says their heart beats steady and calmer when they enter. You breath easily and feel at home at once.
It’s the best place on earth!

There is still rooms to tackle, and winter 2011 I will be working on the library, and the guest room. Which will be quite different from the rest of the house. After this I will have to work on the stabel outside. Not to mention the fasade of the cottage itself.
Besides, what fun would it be if I had no projects to tackle?
The Characters of Vinnord:
At the Vinnord Cottage there is only one human, me! My name is Trine Lise, I’m a wee witch with a love for life, laughter and interior design. Of course! I also love books and read any chance I get, unless of course I am at the stable or with a paintbrush in my hand.


Besides me there are some critters at Vinnord too. My three adorable cats; Huldra, Heksa and her son Hokus. And my welsh sec C pony Pixie.

Jahrs Faerydae Pixie, a gorgeous and adorable litte rascal. She is my sec. C welsh Cob Pony. She's a rabicano chesnut. Born june 12th 2010. When she grows up she'll be my driving pony. Pixie does not reside at the cottage. She is stabled at my parents small farm during winter. And grazes With other lovely ponies nearby during the summer months. One day though... one day she'll be here at the cottage.

Pixie, running free.
Heksa is a polydactyl cat. Her name means "the witch" in Norwegian. She's my queen, my darling. I have had her now since 2001. When she first came to live with me I had actually decided on her sister. I had both in my room the first night (my friend was to keep the other kitten), and while her sister just stayed away and peed under my bed, Hexa came over and slept the entire night curled up next to me. And from that moment on she was my cat. She has practically stayed curled up next to me ever since! She's moved with me 3 times. Vinnord will be her last home, if I have any word in the matter. She loves cuddles and prefers to sleep on my lap.
My queen, Heksa enjoying the summer sun on the porch
  Hulder is the Cottage menace! She is a guard cat if there ever was one. She growls at strangers and makes sure the house is safe. She's a playful thing and she sometimes drives me crazy. But I love her too much to stay angry for too long. Her name is that of a Norwegian wood nymph. She came to me in 2009 and was born in June 2008.

Huldra surveying her land
and then there is the only man in the house, Hokus. He is Heksa's son, born nov. 2nd 2011. He and his brother Pokus arrived in the middle of the night, much to my worry and delight. Pokus was given away to a good home as he was a shy and delicate soul who needed alittle more peace than Vinnord and it's habitants could give him. Hokus will stay with me forever! He is a rascal and a naughty boy who gives me alot of joy, but also some grief. He terrorizes Hulder any chance he can get, and he absolutely loves to cuddle up on my lap in the evening. Purring so loud you can hear him from the kitchen :)

Hokus & Pokus, 4 weeks old. As you can see they too are polydactyls.
Visitors of the Cottage:
Mum and Dad, aka Ingjerd and Einar. My parents. I keep my pony there during the winter. I am very very close to my parents and spend loads of time with them.

There are loads of smiles and laughter in our Family!
My sister Eva, quite possible the only other person I know that will enjoy exactly the same craziness as me. We're two peas in a pod, yet very different. We share just the right amount of geek, lady and playful childishness. However we seem to coordinate our style without talking about it before hand (which is a bit spooky) and People can't always tell us apart. Which we of course think is nuts. And she's my Perfect travel Companion and partner i crime. Together we get up to some serious trouble but we always muddle through in the end.
Our relationship can be described most efficiently by saying: Mischief Managed!

the O-man; my best friend and rarely does a day go by without me talking to him. If I ever had to get rid of a body, he's who I would Call! My soul mate and weird accessory. I love him to pieces, and no one knows me like he does. Seriously man, it's a bit freaky and scary! The only person I know who loves Musicals as much as I do :) And who can read my facial Expressions and know EXACTLY what dirty thoughts I have and then burst out laughing With me. He breeds welsh ponies, and it's his doing I own my Pixie girl.

then there is Mille; old friend from School. A friendship that was in fact not allowed due to religion, for years. But she never let go of me, and I am very thankful for that. We rarely get to meet up, as we live so far apart. But she's a constant in my life, and a VERY brave woman whom I admire very much. She loves my cottage nearly as much as I do :) She loves photographing it, and many of this blogs photos has come alive through her camera.
Of course my german sisters Libby, Kathi and Arwen sometimes comes around for a visit as well. (My Family has hosted several Foreign Exchange students from Germany. And they easily fit into what I describe as Family, bound by love rather than blood.)
They seem to come back to us all the time. For summer jobs, holidays and what not. And we wouldnt have it any other way!
I love my Girls dearly!


and of course many of my other friends visit the Cottage. From near and far. Especially from Scotland, where Elaine lives. My Scottish girl... oh how I miss her.
 But these are the ones I am sure you'll be most likely to hear about here on my blog.
if you have any questions about my cottage, me or anything at all :) Throw me a mail to skaana@online.no
enjoy your stay!