Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gathering Evergreens

Sometimes you have to wade through the snow to get what you want...
My sister and I were hunting for christmas greens!

yeah thats me, without any makeup...totally unpolished and no amount of photoshopping... man, loook at my wrinkles!

and there is my sister too, in her kitten hat!!!

and then we trotted home to Vinnord Cottage to decorate!
See you soon!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pony Peeps Party!

On Dec. 8th I had a few pony-pals over for a pre-christmas dinner. And lots and lots of wine... I wasn't in my best of health the next day... and thats putting it mildly... still, I felt better than last year... I made turkey with all the servings, and I do belive everyone was stuffed at the end.
This is my 2nd pony-party and I do hope to make it a pre-christmas tradition...
My favorite part, of course, was decorating the table. I didnt get any pictures of it on the day. So I recreated the centerpiece to show off... you can't blame me can you? :)

yes those are Schleich ponies :) It was simple table, but very christmas-y! Don't you think?

 Close-up of one of the merry equines :)
I also want to share something else with you. The Vinnord mudroom has been featured in a new online magazine called; My Horse Life.
Click the photo to go to the magazine (it's in Norwegian, but lots of eye candy for everyone)
It's all about how once you're addicted to horses, bits of horse sneak into every little bit of your life. How you dress, how you decorate, and how you speak.
I should know...
My tree came up today! I cant wait to get some proper light and show you :) It's my most perfect tree yet. Very Disney like... :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas snippets!

Home with the flu today, crapped out on the sofa with a fever and all... Not exactly great... Hope to be better enough for one last day of work tomorrow before I have several days off before christmas... Which I will spend taking MORE pictures of the cottage, and decorate the TREE!!! Can't wait!

But here is taste of what's to come... just a few snapshots taken between naps, I wanted to do more but the light failed me :(

I am not terribly satisfied with the decor this year, and what anoys me even more is... I dont know WHY!!!!
 The assembly of my favorite santas... all hallmark ones. I try to find MORE santas of the world, but they are so hard to come by on ebay/etsy... :( I have germany, norway and england... I wish for more!
a new addition this year, a white stag... Love him!

Monday, December 10, 2012

31 years old...

And aged to perfection... as usual!
Yeah I am still alive... and older. Turned twenty-eleven on nov. 27th... I cant believe I am actually "in my thirties". Where did them twenties go anyway?!
But you know what? I feel better than ever! So yeah... age is just a number!

I decided to spend the day in Oslo, with one of my best friends since high school! I spent too much money on clothes and crap, and went home a very happy girl!
I'll try to get some photos shot of my yule decorated cottage soon. :) And I actually have a few non-christmas related ideas for the hallway as well. Which I am dying to try out. So maybe, just maybe there will be a few more updates here in the near future ;)
See you soon then ;)