Monday, March 23, 2015

New Life Awakens

I'm not gonna deny it... it has been forever, and a half, since my last post... With the oncoming of spring and new life, maybe my blog can resurface from the slumber... maybe... 

I'm struggeling a bit these days, trying to fight through a bipolar dip. I'll get my sunshine back soon. I know it... just trying to stay positive though it all. And learning that putting the breaks on when your body tells you "enough" isnt a bad thing to do. Even if it feels like a personal fight lost.

Anyway I wanted to show you some of my instagram photos from the cottage, its the only camera available to me at the moment. 

I got this when I was little, and mom recently cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, it resufaced. I find it heart warmingly nostaligic.

We went thrifting at the local thrift shop and fleamarkets this weekend  and I found an addition to my mint green figgjo collection. A gorgeous serving plate. It was a little steeper in price than what I usually like to give, but I indulged.

And mum found me this old thermos in my favorite colour. I'm using it as a vase. Absolutely LOVE the beaten up patina.

it's very much spring at the cottage these days, even if it has barely started outside. Easter has been sneeking into my home for weeks allready. I'm camoflaging it as "spring" decor, rather than "easter" :)

There has been some huge changes to my life since I last posted. Pixie had a colt foal, well he is allready turning a year this May. I gave him to my sister for her birthday last year. We named him Faerydae Elf Lord (First from his mothers name, and Elf Lord from a NCIS pun). He's a rascall and we adore him. So much fun seeing him grow up, and hopefully grow alittle taller than his mum. 

I also found myself a male companion. We've been together for over a year now and he is pretty great (and anoying, but what male isnt? ha ha). He is also a majour reason I don't have as much time to just goof around online anymore, obvioulsy. 
We're planning a trip to Key West and Miami in September, which I am insanly excited about. I havent been to the states in 13 years or so. I'm trilled to be going back over the pond.

I'll try to have more post from Vinnord in the comming weeks and months. Hopefully.


Monday, May 13, 2013

eShakti'ed (dressed in thirty... v.3)

Have you beed eShaktied yet? I first discovered this amazing online shop on pinterest. They have the cutest dresses, AND they customize them just for you. Sizes are custom, and you can add length, shorten them, add sleeves... well anything Your heart desires really...
so obvioulsy I had to try it out, just one problem though: they don't ship overseas! So being in Norway issued a bit of a Challenge, but thanks to my US Family in New Jersey we did still get Our dresses.
I was so worried that it wouldnt fit me, as I had done the measurements and sent them in, but no need to worry! It fit like a glove! I LOVE my dress! It has Pockets! It's navy and green! And ever so comfy!!! I will recomend this shop to anyone! And it has left me thinking; why buy frocks anywhere else? Ever?!??
I got this dress, but added long sleeves to it for a warmer look.... (click photo to og to eShakti site)

and this is me wearing it. I feel so classy in it :)

Loving it!!!

My sister got the hot air Balloon dress as seen here:

Isnt it just lovely as well???

Well done eShakti, WELL DONE! Please add international shipping soon!
And please , PLEASE get this back in Stock... I have a serious NEED for it this summer...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dressed in Thirty... v.2

I promised you I would post some more fashion post here at Vinnord. I have recently become a lover of reading plus-sized fashion blogs. So many inspiring girls out there! Truly! And they look fantastic too! My favorites at the moment are babble + bloom and frocks & frou frou. Their style is fantastic!

oh and have you read the Militiant Baker??? You should... any woman should! She rocks your socks off. My promise!

So I wanted to show you what I wore for entertaining coffee guests on sunday...

Skirt: ebay treasure
top & cardi: H&M
Shoes: Deichman
Belt: Levis
Glasses: Carerra

I swear I didnt actually plan on dressing to match my cottage decor o.O But I do love these colours, anywhere!!!

My god the hair on my head is giving me headaches these days. It's neither this or that. I only like the colour! I hope it grows out to a more do-able length soon!

My friend Monica took all of these photos and manged a few cute snaps of two of the furries as well. Here is Hokus with his nochalant stroll through the Kitchen!

And Hulder watching for birds at the atlier upstairs :)

Hope you had a good weekend as well :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feelin' Blue

Not really... actually I find myself serioulsy happy these days! I catch myself singing at odd times, and I savour the lighter, longer days. I found crocuses in the garden earlier this week! FINALLY!
What I mean is... I am addicted to blue! Bluberries! Yum! They are my New Comfort Food. Sweet, tasty, FULL of antioxidants and other good Things... Whenever I crave a sweet (which I still do post-OP) I go for blueberries!

American blueberries, as I call these, or rather large berries that are more white on the inside, has become cheap here in Norway. To my everlasting delight!
Norwegian Wild blueberries are much smaller, much more intens in colour and very VERY expensive once they are in season.
I am also wearing alot of blue. Navy became a favorite last summer, and it has stuck With me! It is now my absolute base colour in my wardrobe. Navy goes so well With any green, teal, red, white, mustard... And it's such a fresh and calm colour. More outfit/fashion posts to follow ;)
Weeks fly by now, and I hardly have time to sit down and breathe. Spring has arrived and flowers are blooming finally. The trees are still naked, but not for long I am sure.

May is soon upon us, and it will be crazy busy with the invation of friends and Family from Germany and Australia! Cant wait to see everyone, and to have alot of fun :)

Oh and I am pretty sure this saying will explain it ALL when my Australian guests arrive

 Have a GREAT sunday everyone

Monday, April 22, 2013

Coffee & Rasberries

It's muffins time!
I made the most delicious muffins!

Coffee and rasberries... with whipped mocca cream!
need I say more? Really??? Instant success to everyone who tasted them.
No I didnt use the old black stove :) I want to though, some day... that would be fun!

It was a sunny day, promise of spring in the air... sigh! And it has been much longed for! Really!
Nothing better than a cup o' jo and a freshly baked muffin to soothe the soul eh?

And if you want to try these yourself, here is the recipie!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Norwegian Pony Stallion Grading Show

This weekend was a very important one.
It was the weekend of the grading for pony Stallions. All Norwegian bred Stallions have to og though this to be approved for breeding. This year the O-man's Three year old colt Jahrs Flashjack was attending, and I was scared shitless.
Because this gorgeous Stallion was born on my watch Three years ago. I had to help it into the world, and I was a drama Queen about it too. From then on I loved him With all my heart. And he is, by far, one of the most stunning Welsh sec. D's I have ever seen. And what if he didnt pass?
He did by the way, and I cried happy tears when I realized he was granted approval With flying colours! Yepp I did... I cried!
I wish Pixie can have a date With him one day...
But I just like to show you some Pictures I took really...
Look at him, and tell me he is not gorgeous?!?? It was a foggy day which delighted my photographing self. I love photographing in dimmed light like this.
But I took more stunning photos too!

Two more of Jahrs Flashjack. A Welsh Cob Stallion. He is a sooty buckskin by the way.

This is Ponnyhaugens Mike, a Welsh Mountain Stallion. He is a strawberry roan (or red roan?)
This is a Welsh Part Bred Stallion named Winterswijk's Fürst Aureus. He is Pixie's paternal Brother!!! They share the same father.

This is Menai Percival, a Welsh Cob Stallion. He has the kindest eyes I have ever seen. And he is massive! Huge, but such a teddy bear.
This is a Connemara Stallion, he was awarded 1st grade (meaning he's as good as it gets really)
His name is Engenes Lucky Joker.
I only did headshots outside. It was the lens I had at the time, I couldnt be bothered to change it back and forth.
I love these photos though!
Did you have a great weekend?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

King of the Cottage

Lets just get one thing out in the open right away:
ask anyone who knows me and they will all answer you this:
Miss Tee in the cottage is just a few cats away from being that crazy cat lady.
the O-man allready calls me the crazy cat lady. I would pretty much do anything for my little furries.
And how could you refuse them anything when they're all such huge personalities and cute as a button to boot! Let me present you to Mr. Hokus! (the Girls were not available for photos at the time being. They were having their beauty sleep)
This here is my youngest, Mr. Hokus. A large white male of 1,5 years. Total heartbreaker of course. And gets away with a lot of serious mischief! He is just absolutely full of energy and it drives me insane at times.

One of the favorites spots is the kitchen window, it looks out on the porch and the front door where he can watch out for visitors. It is in fact a beloved spot for all my cats.
Owning cats, or rather, being owned by cats, is a truly brilliant and loving experience. I have been cat-less for short periods of my life, and will not ever go back there. It is a dismal place to be.
But like I said, having cute furries around the cottage is not all smiles and sunshine.
Like for example when Hokus decides at 5 am that it is breakfast time, and starts the procedure of waking me up. Which doesnt work all that well at 5 am let me tell you! What does my resourceful boy do then you might ask?
Oh let me tell you... he goes to work on my bedroom walls! Shredding the wallpaper... and yep, that does it too. I get up! There are several shredded patches of wallpaper in my bedroom now. Alltough I have managed to make him stop by talking to him sternly, my once beautiful bedroom is just a little less presentable now.
Then there is the case of the Muddy paws! No one, I repeat; no one of my other cats manages to get quite as dirty as this wee boy. He is just a master at the art of muddy paws. And he likes to "Paint" on the sofa, the bed or just about any newly washed floor.
Oh and if you ever come over to the cottage wearing a scrunchie for your hair. Do not put it anywhere. Hokus will find it, and he will assume it is his personal play thing!
Not to worry though, if we can't find it anywhere it is sure to turn up in the water bowl the next morning. One morning I got up I found no less than FIVE of these resting at the bottom of the bowl.

Other things he likes to do for my entertainment (or to simply test my patience) is climbing on top of the tv (I still have one of those massive tv's from the 90's) where he hangs over the screen watching movies along with me. I am actually concidering getting a flat screen for this reason alone.
And then last night he decided licking the hand soap was a good idea. To the O-mans great entertainment. Newsflash: cats doesnt like soap either, and make funny faces when tasting it.
Or placing both front paws firmly in the waterbowl, kick off with his hind legs and "drive" it around the floor. Water splashing everywhere...
most of all he just wants to be where I am. No matter where that is: shower - Cooking - or his favorite: changing the bed covers. He even recognizes my car and comes running when I come home from work.
One thing's for certain, life is never ever dull at the cottage!