Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Sleepyness

I love my mondays off work. When ever I work a saturday, I get the following monday off. So while everyone else is sweating and stressing around, I find myself a nice cup of java, and I curl up on the couch! 

There's sun outside, and later on I will get in my car, drive down to the ponies and take a walk with them. I fin my energy is comming back with every ray of sun that peeks though the clouds. It smells like spring! Even if it is  month early...
I dream of easter, of bunnies and chickens, of eggs and family fun.... Easter will be alot different for me this year, if all goes according to plan. I have some rough weeks ahead of me now, but I have to say I look upon it with sunshine in my heart... I willl get back to you on this. When I have digested it myself first..
This morning Hokus made me scream...again. He has, over the past few days, broken quite a few of my favorite things. He is just so destructive lately, unfortunatly I cant have him outside while I'm at work, which means he really only gets to play outside during the weekends. And all his pent up energy is serioulsy taking a toll on my decor here at the cottage... I have said this before, but really it's the truth; who needs kids when you can have cats?!? They are just as much a mess-maker... *giggles*
As you can see, all my furries are enjoying that warming sun. I just adore this time of year, when you really start to FEEL the warmth the sun gives.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring as well. Sorry for not being overly active in bloglandia this past month, but other things have simply been on my mind!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ticking towards spring

Sorry for the hiatus! What can I say, I haven't been isnpired enough to blog about my Cottage. Maybe becuase it's been looking dismal and war-zone-like for some time now. I have spent free time with Pixie instead of tidying up here at home. But today me and the cats (esp Hokus... he has been very helpful!) has washed and cleaned every surface in the house! yay for us! I am not enjoying a glass of very well deserved wine! Hopefully I shall photograph alittle tomorrow :)

untill then all I can offer you is this, taken while cleaning. I love these tulips, they have the perfect spring colours.
I have to have them in my window, unless I want Hulder to snap off all their heads... she's a mean kitty that black one!

I am counting the days untill spring now, are you? I have invested in loads of baulbs to force indoors, and I enjoy every drop of meltings now I hear! Soon my friends, SOON!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Life in the Winter

I am still alive, allthough I have been batteling a viral pneumonia for 4 weeks now. Not to worry, I am back at work, but still get easily out of breath. Which is a pain, especially when it's so damn cold. It is freezing here at the Cottage these days. Me and the cats huddle up in bed together, there's nothing like three warm furries when the cold it biting at your window. When I go into the mudroom you can see the frost in my breath!!! Imagine that! So with all of this, there has been no excess energy to blog or take photos. 

Untill today that is....

And I did make a NEW blog. One for Pixie alone. I wanted a place where I could keep my memories, update on shows and progress without littering my Vinnord blog full of equine extravaganza! So if you enjoy reading about my babygirl pony, please head on over to Jahrs Faerydae Pixie's blog.

I also have news on the kittens. Pokus traveled to his new home, then returned. The lady that had him also had more cats and Pokus did not like this at all. When he arrived back to me, his brother and mum took him back without hesitation. But becuase Pokus was such a timid soul I decided that he should have a home where he could be complete king and ruler. I found him another home like this, and he is now thriving! I am so happy for him, but I do miss him.
Little Hokus is ruling the cottage though. He is such a rascal! I swear he comes up with new ideas to torment me every day! He climbs up my leg with surprising speed, climbes the curtains, eats ALL my plants, plays with my displays and this morning he shredded an entire loo-roll to pieces! Life certainly is NOT boring around here!

But I have to admit, he is so darn cute I cant stay angry at him for long! How could anybody resist that face?

 My biggest decorating feat. this month is my newly dressed fridge. I was tired of seeing the white door riddled with old stickers... so I dressed it in pretty paper. It's not glued on, but rather stuck on with my new favorite... magnetic tape! Oh yes!!! I love it. And when I am tired of THIS I can just make a new one! Inexpensive and super easy...

Now if only Hokus would stop ripping it apart! 

See you soon!