Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hippocampuses galore

They have always held a special place in my heart... they look like dragons, the swim, they mate for life and the father carries the babies in his belly full term... ah to be seahorse would be wonderful!

When I was in the UK last summer I came across an old beaut up frame in a charity shop, inside was the real treasure, three dried, ancient, seahorses... the naturalist in me whooped and my heart skipped a beat. Seahorses are collected and dried for art, something that really bothers me. But these were clearly very very old. And those are the only ones I would ever buy. I tossed the frame and mounted the seahorses on some scrap fabric in a new frame. I love them. They have moved aournd quite a bit, but they now reside in my newly beached up diningroom.
....I am not a good enough zoologist to tell you the species these little beauties are, but they are certainly of the Hippocampus genus :)

and then I found me another one. This one never swam a day in his life, but he is perhaps even more dear to me. Would you like to hear his story?
This is the paque that my grandfather got for swimming. "the Seahorse" is something you get when you swim like...well a seahorse. He worked hard for this. I found him buried in the shed. The name plaque has sadly dissapeared, but I might work out something else. When I found him he was in bad shape, he had fallen off his plaque, which was a dull brown. The seahorse himself was a boring copper colour. He needed some sprucing up before being let into Vinnord. So I took out my paints, mixed him a few aqua colours and stained the wood several times before sanding it a bit down again. Then I stained him in a blue-hue verdigris as well. And look at him now! I absolutely LOVE him... He swam right up on that wall, and fit right into the cottage!!! After years of neglect in the shed, he once again is a shining pillar of strength and endurance!

I'm sorry I didnt get to snap a before photo... in my eagerness to start him I simply forgot! I love easy and quick projects like this one!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Take a look....

... at what I found!

So like I said, my paternal grandparents are moving out of their farm. It feels weird, I grew up playing in that yard, with their gadzillion dogs. They bred Rottweilers and later on, Cairn Terriers. I never thought I would want to take over that farm, it wasn't "me"... however I am seeing it a new light, with different eyes, now that it stands empty like a shell. Goodness knows it would take a crapload of work and money to get it to what I want... but it would be a beautiful place for keeping horses! Really... I just hope the new owner spruce the old place up! And I hope someday I can go up there, just to have a look...

Me and my grandparents fell out years and years ago, but in the process of their move into the new apartment, we somehow found eachother again. I guess everything has a purpose.
It's been hard for everyone involved, this sell. Dad seeing his chilhood home being flogged, my grandparents leaving their home of more than 50 years.... I completely understand. And downsizing from a large farm to a tiny apartment... NOT easy!!!

So I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some treasures that have once again seen daylight after moving, throwing out, and relocating stuff at the house, barn, shed... you name it. I have collected the weirdest things, the most beautiful things and just pure memorablia.

My grandparents are probably the reason why I love naturalia,, they too have collected anything from rocks to dried starfish and antlers. My cottage too has alot of naturalia going on.
I will try to show you some of the things that had made it's way to Vinnord.

The very old binoculars you see, I found in the shed. I love them, and the best part? They still work like a charm! Now they hang on my porch, ready for whenever the neighbours need some spying upon... erhm... just kidding... birdwatching! Of course!

The blazing hot sun has tuned it down today, and me and mum JUST managed to get the lawn mowed before the storm hit. We needed it... besides I spent the day at the coast yesterday, with new and older friends. It was the BEST time... we picked fresh mussles, I swam in the ocean (BEFORE JUNE!!!) and we ate and ate... I got sunburned! And I want to go again! As soon as possible! I hope to take my camera next time. To show you heaven on earth, in Norway.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot & Busy

Jeez... summer just arrived, with a BANG! It is steaming hot in Norway these days, with a blazing sun... not that I am complaining... no wait, I AM... a little... I love summer, but man... and unfortunatly the lakes and rivers are too cold for cooling dips still...

oh and my grandparents are selling their old farm, and I am helping them clean out... 50 years worth of memories and even more crap o.O Means I am a busy busy bee... And I am finally 100% back to work as well..

so blogging comes last in line :s Sorry....

I did update Pixie's blog though :) Show season has begun, meaning she takes time too ;)

I really hope I have more time for photographs, decorating and blogging soon... I have some big projects in my head this summer, both outdoors AND indoors (guestroom!!!)


Monday and tuesday will be spendt at HOME, and I will start outside and get those veggies planted!

enjoy the sun everyone!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

No use Beachin'about it...

It happens every spring and summer... I get into a total beach cottage frenzy!
I often remark that the only thing Vinnord is lacking is water nearby... but I always think of a river, or a lake... not the ocean. Yet my choice of colours does lead your imagination towards the sea, the beach and it's creatures and way of laid-back-life... My diningroom in particular. And I love collecting naturalia from the ocean too, so every summer my diningroom transforms itself into a beach cottage like room...
even if the nearest body of water is a tiny stream across the field, and the ocean is miles away...

It has actually annoyed me at times before, as I would rather create a lake-side feeilig... but I love the beach and I love the starfish, the whales, the octopus and the urchins... No use bitchin' about it ;)

There wasnt any good light today, so my photos all turned out blurry... I hope for better light soon so  can show you some treasures!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm baaa-aack!!!

Just dropping in to say my new laptop has arrived :D YAY!!! Now I won't feel so disconected from the world... haha... but really, I didnt miss it all that much. I think a computer-holiday was rather healthy!

I shall have a good update soon... but now, the bed is calling out to me! So I will leave you with this photo of my silver flower frog I picked up at a flea a couple weeks ago... holding the last of the spring's crocuses from my garden!