Saturday, June 11, 2011

office sneak peak...

there is a large landing upstairs.... I've long decided to make it into my office/atlièr... :) And it's finally starting to come together... there's still tweakings to be done, but I am satisfied so far... I want it to be unreal and fantastic, alittle naturalia curiosa and victorian. And littered all over with inspiration. The light up there is horrible >.< I need to do something about that. And I hope my sister can shoot some better pics with her splendid camera :D :D :D

I love my vintage globes :)and the walls are littered with Spiderwick art... same as in my livingroom... :) But up here I have simply nailed them to the walls :)
Tomorrow I'll be a speaker again, at a horse show. I'm leaving tonight as it takes me near 4 hours to drive there >.< I must be mad!

Friday, June 10, 2011

tic tac dripp dripp drop...


It's still raining... so I am nestled on the sofa with coffee and pinterest my new addiction :) SO much better than we heart it, as it can be divided into boards! oh yes...(source)

I am also browsing the amazing Cottages of the Month at the Old Painted Cottage... lots of eyecandy here! She's been shwoing off one amazing cottage after the other every month since 2006!!!!! Yeah... so head on over and have a drool... lots of different styles :)(source)

All images today came from my pinterest boards, with the source underneath :) Ireally hope the sun comes through soon.... allthough I love a good summer storm, it just aint funny growing gills!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I've been alittle silent here on the blog lately I know... I've been ill with some sort of stomach bug for over a week, and on top been super busy with well planning.... Summer really is no time for computers ha ha...

I am dreaming of my new stable, and of painting the guestroom... and I am not even done with the upper hallway/atlier yet. So.. yeah I am in no lack of things to do...

There has been things going on though :) Afther 2-3 years of searching for a rocking chair I finally found one! Just a few streets form my granny! Yeah... Everyone I've seen up untill now has been too expensive, not the right style yada yada yada... But this one, was pretty perfect!!! I had dad paint it for me and it's now sitting on my summer porch... I l-o-v-e it!
I never get satisfied with pictures taken on my porch... even though I LOVE my porch.... I just need to get this darn red house painted black soon!!! >.<

taking sunshine pics on a rainy day isnt easy... I know I should have styled alittle more... but I just wanted to show you my very light duck egg blue adirondack chair too...Hope you are all enjoying your june... I will be back when I feel more like it :)

ps... I do have a big thing going on, which has taken me alot of time... and in a few months time I will be able to reveil it :D