Friday, July 29, 2011

Romantic Prairie Style

If you are one of the few persons who missed out on Chez Fifi's new book "Romantic Prairie Style" you need to set that straight. This book is a sure gem... Filled from front to back with inspiring photos from amazing cottages, farms and houses from brilliant people, here is a complete list of their web sites/blogs in chronogical order.
- Parisienne Farmgirl
- Savvy City Farmer
- Carol Spinski
-Ekster Antiques
- Christian McCord (no www. found)
- Faded Plains
-French Larkspur
- Chez Fifi
the Old Painted Cottage
- Lisa Adkins (no www. found)
-Dreamy Whites
- Summer Cottage Antiques

I also wanted to show you my new birdcage. It's a wooden, lovely, huge thing in mint green. Unfortuantly it got a bit kicked around during transport, but it still looks rather nice. I am not entirely sure what to do with it yet, but for now it is sprucing up my dining room :)
also bought a old pipe in the uk... for some reason I just really love pipes...
hope you're all having a good day! Will be back soon. I am gonna get out all my buckets and mops sunday and do a proper house cleaning. So maybe It'll be photogenic afterwards eh?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

pin it!

Oh I know I have been a bad bad bad blogger lately. The thing is, the days arent long enough... I feel like I RUN all day now. To work - from work - after work.

Since I got home from the UK I haven't really had any me time... I miss "me time".
My head is bursting with ideas, so many that I feel constantly stressed! I need to sit down, have them all plotted into my idea book so I can empty out my head...

yes I am alittle bit mad...

I haven't had time to walk around with the camera and take shots either.

I really want to show you my study/atlier, but the lighting up there is horrific and the pics just come out aweful. So I loose momentum and forget about it...

In the few moments I have before bedtime I surf alittle on pinterest... a new addiction that!
And I try to close my eyes to the mess my cottage has become lately... i really need a home-cleaning-decorating-day... soon!

So for now all I can do is show you some interesting things from pinterest, and hope you keep comming back when I am ready for more cottage goodies.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy birthday Siss!

Today is my wonderful sister's 26th birthday. I hope she has a wonderful day as I will not be seeing her before next week. She's off for a holiday in Denmark with her boyfriend. He better treat her right today ;)

I am so proud of you, you are my best friend and I love you more than words can say.

you are brilliant, just wicked brilliant!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

the darkest day...

Yesterday was the darkest day in Norwegian history since the WW2.

Images of the bomb explosion in Oslo, wounded people, dead people still reel in my head as the news of the shooting at Utøya... a youthcamp has been attacked.

Over 80 kids dead....a massacre

and then to learn the terrorist is homegrown.

Being attcked by your own leaves a hole in your soul so huge there are no words...

today marks a day in history that never should have happend...

my heart goes out to everyone who suffers at the hand of this madman and his violent acts.

Today I remain a proud Norwegian, and we will stand together against terror. Like our prime minister said, NO ONE can bomb us to silence, NO ONE can shoot us to silent. NO ONE will ever scare us from being Norway.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the Hunterian

When I visited London with my sister we did lots of cheerful things, like browse for hours in the majour bookshop at Picadilly, or enjoy the animals at the zoo. But for my part the highlight of the trip was the forgotten, tiny museum called "the Hunterian". It is located at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. It is free to enter, once you have found your way there.

The museum boast a huge collection of pickled specimens, both animal and human. Mostly human. So if you are squeemish, this is not the place for you. If you are however, like me, fascinated by victorian specimen collections, and don't mind seening the detached foot or two, this is a place you don't want to miss out on.
You will find anything from half a face to show injuries, fetuses from conception to near birth (this was slightly disturbing, but not enough for me to shudder), a large collection of penises (!) and loads of animals as well. The collection was put together during the late 1700's by a surgeon called John Hunter. He was an excellent surgeon and anatomy teacher back when there was no modern medecine.
we were not allowed to take pictures in the museum , so all these images has been found online. The black and white photographs are by an artist called Elaine Duigenan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breakfast in bed...

My dear kitty Huldra decided to serve me breakfast in, or rather under, bed today... dear lordy... I know you ment well dearest... but next time instead of a dead bird, do you mind bringing me freshly brewed coffee and a crossaint?(source: weheartit/pinterest couldnt find orginial site)

thank you :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

it never rains....

...but it goddamn pours!

Yeah, when I arrived home from my two brilliant weeks in Bournemouth, a cute english beach city, I found my lawn soaked, my plants drowned. It's like a marsh out there! And today it's raining still. Making me feel alittle down in the dumps, truth me told. The summer in Norway is short enough, we really don't need it to rain away. Sigh... so I am sure hoping for an indian summer, and a golden autumn commin' up.

There ain't much happening here at the cottage lately, every job has come to a bit of a stand still :) Before my next project that is. But there is excitement in the future... I can promise you that. I have allready started planning the guestroom, and well the atlier is comming together nicely now. Allthough a little deeper and darker than I first wanted it to be. I cant show you any pics from there just yet... but what I am gonna show you are three teaser pics from the biggest photoshoot my cottage has ever seen so far. My sister, Eva Feldmann, which just graduated photography school did them all... for a secret thats soon gonna reveal itself! So please check in soon for it :)
I hope your summer is going okay, and not being washed away by this rain we're having here up in Norway!

I'll be back with new pictures of my English treasures soon!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Graduates and car boot sales

I am day five into my 14 days holiday in Bournemouth, England. So far it's been rather perfect. Sunny and warm, lazy afternoons on the beach. Warm, green seas and the amazing scent of salt water air. I just love it here.
I have seen my sister with a cap and gown, so proud my heart felt like bursting and my eyes were tearing up all day. She is amazing this girl, amazing I tell you!
My sister and I have allready done a bit of shopping at the local charity shops as well as the amazing miracle that is sunday boot sales. We went to two, thanks to her brillinat teacher Dave and his car :) We were so eager on sunday that we showed up earlier than most sellers! Yupp... we needed coffee and waited for the sellers to arrive :)
After the first one, we went to the larger one. There were so many people! So many dogs too come to that, and SO MUCH TO SEE.... and buy :s
Afterwards we had a delightful breakfast here in Boscanova, a cute mix'n'match coffeehouse. Loved it!
loved this, in the loo :) A bit of humour goes a long way.
the best coffee in England, quite possibly is served there as well :)
And what did my day bring? Quite a few treasures to bring home... I have always lovde Beswick porcelain horses, but they are so expensive. But I managed to find some at the car-boot. Even when wounded they cost me a bit of a fortune sigh... But they are so lovely... look at them!
they will all go in my hallway of course :) Who would have guessed. The plates are poole pottery and will be hung on the wall.
this big lovely mare is my wounded Beswick. She still cost me £18 though. But I bought her to have her, not to resell. So I dont care. Her leg has once been glued back on. The wee black one was found at a charity shop, he's not a beswick. But cute all the same.
This wonderful fella is a beswick foal, he cost £15 and is in mint condition. Still pricey though, I can indulge in too many of these I guess...
Here is another english foal, but not beswick therefor he was much cheaper. His ear is nicked and glued back on, but he is still adorable as shit... if you ask me :)
I didnt just buy equestrian decor. I got these as well :D Two old inkwells, a mint green mug and a pipe. Love the pipe!
Hope your summer is good. Now I am heading down to the beach again! Ta'