Monday, March 23, 2015

New Life Awakens

I'm not gonna deny it... it has been forever, and a half, since my last post... With the oncoming of spring and new life, maybe my blog can resurface from the slumber... maybe... 

I'm struggeling a bit these days, trying to fight through a bipolar dip. I'll get my sunshine back soon. I know it... just trying to stay positive though it all. And learning that putting the breaks on when your body tells you "enough" isnt a bad thing to do. Even if it feels like a personal fight lost.

Anyway I wanted to show you some of my instagram photos from the cottage, its the only camera available to me at the moment. 

I got this when I was little, and mom recently cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, it resufaced. I find it heart warmingly nostaligic.

We went thrifting at the local thrift shop and fleamarkets this weekend  and I found an addition to my mint green figgjo collection. A gorgeous serving plate. It was a little steeper in price than what I usually like to give, but I indulged.

And mum found me this old thermos in my favorite colour. I'm using it as a vase. Absolutely LOVE the beaten up patina.

it's very much spring at the cottage these days, even if it has barely started outside. Easter has been sneeking into my home for weeks allready. I'm camoflaging it as "spring" decor, rather than "easter" :)

There has been some huge changes to my life since I last posted. Pixie had a colt foal, well he is allready turning a year this May. I gave him to my sister for her birthday last year. We named him Faerydae Elf Lord (First from his mothers name, and Elf Lord from a NCIS pun). He's a rascall and we adore him. So much fun seeing him grow up, and hopefully grow alittle taller than his mum. 

I also found myself a male companion. We've been together for over a year now and he is pretty great (and anoying, but what male isnt? ha ha). He is also a majour reason I don't have as much time to just goof around online anymore, obvioulsy. 
We're planning a trip to Key West and Miami in September, which I am insanly excited about. I havent been to the states in 13 years or so. I'm trilled to be going back over the pond.

I'll try to have more post from Vinnord in the comming weeks and months. Hopefully.