Saturday, June 11, 2011

office sneak peak...

there is a large landing upstairs.... I've long decided to make it into my office/atlièr... :) And it's finally starting to come together... there's still tweakings to be done, but I am satisfied so far... I want it to be unreal and fantastic, alittle naturalia curiosa and victorian. And littered all over with inspiration. The light up there is horrible >.< I need to do something about that. And I hope my sister can shoot some better pics with her splendid camera :D :D :D

I love my vintage globes :)and the walls are littered with Spiderwick art... same as in my livingroom... :) But up here I have simply nailed them to the walls :)
Tomorrow I'll be a speaker again, at a horse show. I'm leaving tonight as it takes me near 4 hours to drive there >.< I must be mad!


Datt said...

I totally love your globes! Herlige farger! :)

Monica Helén said...

Jeg elsker prosjektene dine! Skal bli gøy å se rommet ferdig..=)