Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ticking towards spring

Sorry for the hiatus! What can I say, I haven't been isnpired enough to blog about my Cottage. Maybe becuase it's been looking dismal and war-zone-like for some time now. I have spent free time with Pixie instead of tidying up here at home. But today me and the cats (esp Hokus... he has been very helpful!) has washed and cleaned every surface in the house! yay for us! I am not enjoying a glass of very well deserved wine! Hopefully I shall photograph alittle tomorrow :)

untill then all I can offer you is this, taken while cleaning. I love these tulips, they have the perfect spring colours.
I have to have them in my window, unless I want Hulder to snap off all their heads... she's a mean kitty that black one!

I am counting the days untill spring now, are you? I have invested in loads of baulbs to force indoors, and I enjoy every drop of meltings now I hear! Soon my friends, SOON!


Trädgårds/Hage-intresserad said...

I just love these tulips coulour too. Perfection in that window!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

The flowers are beautiful and I love the little clock.

Olga@Stardust Decor & Style said...

You're so lucky to be living so close to nature! You will indeed enjoy spring time! Happy to hear from you again Tee!

magie said...

What beautiful tulips! Such a lovely photo. I am counting down the days till spring as well.

Melanie said...

Gorgeous flowers! Love the vingette you created with the flowers, clock (which I adore),and the vintage books.