Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas snippets!

Home with the flu today, crapped out on the sofa with a fever and all... Not exactly great... Hope to be better enough for one last day of work tomorrow before I have several days off before christmas... Which I will spend taking MORE pictures of the cottage, and decorate the TREE!!! Can't wait!

But here is taste of what's to come... just a few snapshots taken between naps, I wanted to do more but the light failed me :(

I am not terribly satisfied with the decor this year, and what anoys me even more is... I dont know WHY!!!!
 The assembly of my favorite santas... all hallmark ones. I try to find MORE santas of the world, but they are so hard to come by on ebay/etsy... :( I have germany, norway and england... I wish for more!
a new addition this year, a white stag... Love him!


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Oh I hope you are feeling much better soon. LOVE your holiday decor; my favourite is the cloche with the turquoise and photo of... you and your dad? And is that his pipe? Love the Hallmark Santa's too. Some of my favourite decorations are my old Hallmarks. They have such detail. Get well soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Elsker hvordan du pynter til jul, jeg :) Blir skikkelig inspirert! Må ut og lete etter frostet julepynt!

Irene :)