Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Dreams

after a rather useless day of migrene, I decided to camp out on the porch, wrapped up and watch the storm roll in... it was brilliant! Rain smells so good!

I love my porch, but I have wishes, and dreams for it... and big big plans... here are some inspirational pictures for you too oogle at, and dream up your own garden hideaway!

Somewhere I need a garden swing... it's not a question of if... but of when.
Have a drink of lemonade in the deck chair, which I have, though it's not yet in the right colour...

I will find the perfect vintage wheelbarrow...
My door will be painted a fresh aqua, and not the dreadful pine-green it is now...

I really love this idea :) the moss, the different etched votives... sigh
someday my porch ceiling will be painted a light, airy aqua!
and I will drape said ceiling in fairylights....(source)

Maybe I'll add a chandelier with greens...

And I am on the constant search for the perfect rocking chair!(source)

What does your garden/porch dream look like?

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