Friday, May 6, 2011

Vinnord featured at HGTV!

In early april I was contacted by assistant editor the massive interior website and tv-channel HGTV. It's big in america, allthough to most norwegians it might not be too well know. It has a cool feature where you upload your rooms and get them rated. I dare say it looks like I am the only norwegian on there...

Kayla Kitts, the editor, found my dindingroom and loved it so much she wanted to use it in a "Summer Style: hottest colour trends of the season" web article. Of course I wanted to be a part! I felt absolutely honored that she picked my humble diningroom among the thousands that excist on the hgtv pages!here is what she wrote about my room:


Although summer is typically associated with vibrant, saturated colors, bold primaries have been toned down with white to create shades of aqua, misty blue and azure. RMS user WhimsicalWitch gives her kitchen a shabby-chic makeover by adding sporadic splashes of aqua to the crisp, white space. Freshly painted chairs, distressed shutters and aqua-trimmed stemware bring a cool, delicate feel to the room, ideal for a true summer look.
Go here to check out the full article: HGTV Summer Style

*Dances around all happy* I find this very exciting!!! Maybe even more so beacuse ALL the other images, except one (maybe) were from PROPER DESIGNERS!!!! How cool is that? Yes I am mighty proud today :D


RoseSommer said...

Jeg mener GREIT! Da vet jeg at jeg følger rett blogg. Vist fram for amerikanerne, da gitt!
Skvatt litt av bildet før ditt. Den grønnfargen var noe sær.
Dette var moro. Tenk om Hjemmet eller noe kunne laget en reportasje hjemme hos deg også? Kanskje en kan sende inn tips selv?? (Hint, hint.)
God helg!

Pia Nelly said...

Hei på deg!
Tusen takk for varmende ord hos meg! Vi håper go'gutten klarer seg!!

Jeg elsker hjemmet ditt=)! Det er sååå koselig! Grattis med artikkelen=), kjempe moro!!

Ha en herlig kommende uke!

Monica Helén said...

SV: Ja ikke sant?! =) I love it!!
Tusen takk! =)

Monica Helén said...

Gratulerte deg på facebook, men det blir lixom ikke det samme, så jeg skriver her også jeg! Er så stolt av deg!! =)))
Gratulerer! Vel fortjent! KLEMS!

Sandra said...

You Lucky Witch You!!!! LOL

Love, Love, Love your cottage! It is absolutely beautiful! You are a very talented girl! I'd love to visit Norway some day!

I'll be following!