Monday, July 4, 2011

Graduates and car boot sales

I am day five into my 14 days holiday in Bournemouth, England. So far it's been rather perfect. Sunny and warm, lazy afternoons on the beach. Warm, green seas and the amazing scent of salt water air. I just love it here.
I have seen my sister with a cap and gown, so proud my heart felt like bursting and my eyes were tearing up all day. She is amazing this girl, amazing I tell you!
My sister and I have allready done a bit of shopping at the local charity shops as well as the amazing miracle that is sunday boot sales. We went to two, thanks to her brillinat teacher Dave and his car :) We were so eager on sunday that we showed up earlier than most sellers! Yupp... we needed coffee and waited for the sellers to arrive :)
After the first one, we went to the larger one. There were so many people! So many dogs too come to that, and SO MUCH TO SEE.... and buy :s
Afterwards we had a delightful breakfast here in Boscanova, a cute mix'n'match coffeehouse. Loved it!
loved this, in the loo :) A bit of humour goes a long way.
the best coffee in England, quite possibly is served there as well :)
And what did my day bring? Quite a few treasures to bring home... I have always lovde Beswick porcelain horses, but they are so expensive. But I managed to find some at the car-boot. Even when wounded they cost me a bit of a fortune sigh... But they are so lovely... look at them!
they will all go in my hallway of course :) Who would have guessed. The plates are poole pottery and will be hung on the wall.
this big lovely mare is my wounded Beswick. She still cost me £18 though. But I bought her to have her, not to resell. So I dont care. Her leg has once been glued back on. The wee black one was found at a charity shop, he's not a beswick. But cute all the same.
This wonderful fella is a beswick foal, he cost £15 and is in mint condition. Still pricey though, I can indulge in too many of these I guess...
Here is another english foal, but not beswick therefor he was much cheaper. His ear is nicked and glued back on, but he is still adorable as shit... if you ask me :)
I didnt just buy equestrian decor. I got these as well :D Two old inkwells, a mint green mug and a pipe. Love the pipe!
Hope your summer is good. Now I am heading down to the beach again! Ta'


Monica Helén said...

Ser ut til at du har en helt fantastisk ferie! åååh som jeg skulle ønske jeg bare kunne reist litt jeg også.. Jeg føler at jeg går på veggen her hjemme!!! :((

Nydelige ting du har fått kjøpt! Så koselig ut med sånn car boot sale...=)

Og søsteren din Eva er rett og slett amazing ja...=) GRATULERER til henne! =)

CoopDeVilla said...

I grew up on a farm and so envy you having a pony and now horsey figurines. They are all cute as shit. Love your wit!