Friday, June 15, 2012

Q&A time

A lot is going on here these days, I have so much in the books. So many things to plan and do, it just leaves zero time for anything else... and then to spice it up alittle... Mr. Cold came over to say hello... and brought me the gift of sneezes, snot and fever! Yay! Aren't I the lucky one?!
Either way I am just popping in to answer a question I get asked ALOT these days...
"what paint, and shade, did you use on your dining chairs"?

well I used TWO shades of colour. Both in high glossy oil-based paint (Lady Interior from Norway).
The colour codes are in Norwegian too, and I just dont know if they would work if you give them to international sellers.

The first colour is a darker shade, called "lavender". It is an old colour used alot in the 50's in Norway. A sort of toned down turquoise (gray'ish). It's muted and lovely.
The code for that one is: 3010-G10Y

The lighter shade reminds me more of a tiffany blue. Still muted, but just a tiiiiny bit lighter than "lavender". The code for this one is: S2010-B90G

two of my chairs are in the lighter colour, the rest is in the darker shade.

Let me know if you end up getting the shade mixed in the US or the UK ect. I would love to know if they understood the codes :)

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Hulda said...

Så nydelig grønnfarge. Falt helt for dette forfriskende innlegget. Likte også veldig godt de fine fatene og koppene i grønt, som du har i tallerkenhylla under.