Thursday, July 19, 2012

Expeditions of the unknown

My "sisters" from Germany are spending their summer here i n Norway, working alittle and just visiting. I have three sisters from Germany, all former exchange students that lived with our family. They've become part of the Feldmann family, proving that love is thicker than blood any day! I miss them terribly when they are not "home" with us, and we're lacking one girl this summer to complete the set. But getting all five of us together is a tricky task as we all grow older, have lives and jobs that eat up our time.

I am however, very grateful for every minute spent with these brilliant girls! Last weekend we gathered at the cottage for some silly fun, good food.  

It's been raining so much in Norway this summer, this day was a very rare day of sun. We enjoyed it to the fullest by having breakfast at the picnic table, and staying outside for ages.

After breakfast we went wor a walk, or rather, a wade into the cottage stream. It runs just across the field, and is usually NOT this deep. But we still decided to go exploring the fairytale woods. It is truly magical in there... We all felt alittle like Indiana Jones :)

It was a perfect day! Even Hokus thought so, but then again, that kitty is nearly always happy-go-lucky!

I have a couple more days worth of work to put in at my job, and then I am off for 3 weeks pure bliss! One week will be spent exploring Wales in the UK (Going to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show) and the other two will be spent doing fun stuff, in and out of the cottage. 

Have a GREAT weekend!

photos by my sister!


Zefi said...

I found you through Before and After. Love your home and your colours are to die for! :)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your Norway summer looks wonderful. So peaceful and beautiful!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...
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