Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!

My dear mum turns 54 today!
 I hope she enjoys her day, becuase if anyone deserves it; it sure is her!
She is the best-est mum I could ever wish for. Full of life and laughter, and she has such a big heart. She is the heart and center of our family, and she radiates warmth, people just gather in her home... like flies... but you know, in a good way ;)

Mum can make me laugh 'til I pee myself
and she can drive me crazy
Mum is always there to save my day
if I have been all drama queen or had a typical Trine incident.
Mum is the best companion to share a bottle of wine with
or a cup of coffee
dad & mum
Mum can pop in at the cottage just becuase she felt like helping me clean,
which I hate doing, so I love that mum likes this!
Mum has the best hugs and the best stories to give
to anyone who needs it.
Mum never says no when someone needs help
she needs to learn to say no actually ;)
and her cooking is divine!
Mum... I love you ever so much!!! Please never change!
May you have a happy happy day!
my sister - me, mum and grandma a few years back!


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

What a sweet birthday post for your mum! Happy Birthday 'Granny Vinnord'. :)


What a sweet way to honor you mum on her birthday.


Melanie said...

Your mum sounds like a wonderful lady...and I can tell just by looking at the photos of her, that she's a fun-loving lady. And you look SO much like her! :-)