Thursday, December 8, 2011

I got my wish!

So my white fluffy snow finally arrived! Just a little dusting of it here at the cottage, but at my parents home (where my horses are) there is a few inches of snow! I was so delighted when it started snowing while I was taking the horses in for the evening. I serioulsy jumped around squeeling and dreaming of a winter wonderland.

And the next morning when I woke up, it truly WAS a winter wonderland. Pixie and Glenys thrived in the snow, jumping and bucking and rolling about. They were such a hoot to watch!

My boys are fun to watch now as well. They are really bouncing about the place. And they are so sweet. I have no idea how I am ever gonna part with one of them. But I should give one away... but I know I will not give him to just anyone! No way!!! Someone is comming at sunday to have a look at him. My wee heart is breaking!

 I have decorated Vinnord for the season too. I can't wait for my tree though! It'll be up around the 20th!

some decorations are inspired from last year. Like my evergreen in the cloche... I loved that last year, and doing it again this year :)I am not happy with it *yet* though, so I might change it around some.

I dont have a mantle, something I really wish I had. But I do have a nift shelved buffet unit, that I decorate instead. I also loved collecting vintage santas. And I have quite a few. I have newer ones as well, but the vintage ones are my favorites. This red cottage is a perfect copy of the one my mum has, the one that I grew up with. It may look tacky to some, but to me it was ABSOLUTE bliss to find one exactly like the one of my childhood memories. It was always one of my favorites! I had looked for years and years before finding one this November.

These fake snowy trees are a new favorite of mine, and the white porcelain horse makes me think of winter wonderlands.

My window sill that looks upon the "barn" is decorated much the same as last year. With red berries, white birds and simple decor. I loved it last year, love it even more this year!

These are just a few of my yule decor this year. Some more shots to follow.
Hope you are all having a wonderful December!
Tonight we wait for a massive blizzard, and if I havent had to drive tonight, I would be excited!


Tanya@takesix said...

Oh carefully! I love the wreath with the berries on it, and your precious little birds are so cute!!! Beautiful photo!

andrea said...

Cottage perfect, T! andrea@townandprairie

Shannon@FoxHollowCottage said...

Always loving your decor. Enjoy your sweet snow =) Shannon in the USA ;)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, wow, these photos are just lovely! Your cloche with the evergreens and candy canes inside is beautiful, and I love the snowy trees with the white horse. So pretty!

How nice that you've gotten some snow already. I'm ready for it, but we've been doused for days by rain instead.

Thanks for joining my party and showing us your decorations! :)