Friday, January 6, 2012

the BOYS!

Well the first week of 2012 is over, I am off this weekend and I will be spending it removing xmas from the cottage... it is time!

I have great news, I was featured on "Better After" by lovely Lindsey AND I was featured too at Stardust Decor & Style... WOW! Thank you so much. And all your comments are really blowing me away!!! REALLY!

I can tell that from these two features I have alot of new readers and followers!!! I hope you stay, and I hope I dont dissapoint you all.

Some of you had questions, I always reply to questions via mail (if you include it in the comment) or by commenting on your blog! So if you asked something, check your comments please!

Also, you requested and update on my boys, Hokus and Pokus... So I have some for you now... They are a handfull, really! Hokus keeps climbing the tree! All the way to the top, and Pokus' new favorite past time is removing decor from my table! Sigh... but I love them so much I just cant stay angry. Pokus will be going to his new home towards the end of January... I'm sure he'll have a good life there, but I will be a wreck of course.

 Pokus and Hokus... my wee boys!

And here... you see my new atlier addition! Yes... it's a bit messy... Alot of my naturalia curios are set there, these will however go in the library, eventually! I also keeps my paint, tools ect. I LOVE IT! It goes with my desk, which my sister gave me, and my chair...

Yeh, this picture isnt the greatest. It's too much mess on that table... Sorry. I will try and style better and call my sister back for a re-shoot. ha ha
See that strange three headed woman? I think she's called a Pachamama... or "mother earth". A friend of mine brought it back from the Andes. She is weird, but I love her!!! As I am pagan, it was the perfect gift!

I'll be back soon ;)


Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

Tee, I meant every word I wrote on my blog post! You're on my blogloving list now too!
Love, Olga

Melanie said...

Hello there ~ I'm a new reader of your blog. Your photos and decorating are beautiful Your two little kitties are SO cute! Are you keeping one of them?

Claudia said...

Your kitties are adorable! And I love the new addition - perfect.

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

Could I ask something? I've been trying for days to find out how I can add a picture in my post that will direct you to another link if clicking on it. Would it be possible to give me a hand and let me know how you do it? I will owe you big one!!!
Love, Olga

polkadotpeticoat said...

Beautiful piece and what little sweethearts!

Monica Helén said...

Så nydelig det har litt på kontoret/atelieret ditt nå! =) likte kjempegodt den sjenken eller skapet eller hva det heter. Og bordet var også kjempefint.=)


Reenie said...

Oh....I didn't know you were going to split up the boys =(