Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Win win win

I am entering a contest for the best interior photograph to win a camera... of course it is a bit silly that the best photo wins a new camera... becuase well... you cant take really good potos with an old one like mine... And someone with a much better camera will surly win :p

But i am giving it a shot anyhow, and I ave told Eva to enter as well... se takes the best pics of Vinnord after all :)

The contest is held at the blog Fabelaktig

One of my all time favorites. My dragonfly in the bedroom.
Spring contained in a teapot :)

this is a simple photo, but I like the clean background and the hanging keys just adds so much more chic-ness :)

Some of my favorite things... books and coffee.
Some may say it's over exposed, but the light in this is what I like most.

My all time favorite photo of my dining room.

There is just something about this that I really like.

Another one I really like because of the light.

One of my favorite xmas shots ever :)

I could enter with as many as I liked :) Uhm... maybe I went a bit overboard... ha ha...
Wish me luck though.


Shawn said...

Good luck, your photos are gorgeous and thanks for helping me to decide how to decorate my bird cage!!!

Fabelaktig said...

I love love love your pics! I really think you got a shot :)

Stay tuned, maybe your one of the favorites *smiling*

Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

You're very good at it! I really like the Christmas shot! Good luck with the contest!

Amy@BuffaloRoam said...

They are all beautiful! Good luck!

andrea said...

T- You know, I really like that Christmas shot, is so Scandinavian in its design, simple, clean, serene, fresh, bright...I could go on and on. Good luck to you! andrea@townandprairie

Beate - said...

Lovely colors!


Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with your cottage for many reasons, and it's a result of your photos - I hope you win the camera!! Although there a dozens of things about your home that charm me, I think your wide window sills are my favorite. I'd love to know what color white paint you use. My rooms are all painted different colors and each one is "stuck" in that palette - white would fix all that - I could easily change the mood and accent in each room with accessories. And that's alot easier than painting!! Thanks for all the inspiration!
Monica in PA, USA