Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Pixie

Some autumn photographs of my beautiful girl :)

Isnt she just stunning? Or is it just me? HA ha.... My baby is growing up...

We were trying to catch her high step trot, but all she wanted to do was  gallopp 'round and 'round.
This is Moslåttas Wee Glenys, Pixie's paternal sister. She is living with us for the winter. She belongs to a friend of mine, who also owns their gorgeous father, Marcello, a truly stunning palimino stallion.
This last shot is my own, the rest of course is my talented sister at
This was just one of them lucky shots as she came jumping out of the hedge and over a fallen tree. I couldnt believe my luck when I saw that it was in focus!!!

Jahrs Faerydae Pixie is a yearling Welsh Cob-Pony (sec. C). For those of you who doenst know, the welsh pony comes in 4 different sections, or sizes if you like. The oldest and original is the Welsh Mountain Pony, not to exceed 12 hands or 122cm (in Europe, USA has its own laws for some reason.) The next one is the Welsh Pony (sec. B) It is a larger pony which can reach up to 13.2hands or 137cm (by UK standards). This is a lighter pony, more for sport use. The Welsh  Cob-Pony (sec. C) is the same size as the Sec.B, but is stockier, has a more powerful build. More to resemble the Mountain or the last section, which is the Welsh Cob (sec. D.) this pony must be above 13.2 hands (137cm) and has no upper hight limit. Many grow as tall as horse standard size. 
My Pixie is a cross between a mountain (sec A) and a Cob (sec D) which produces a Cop-Pony (sec C). She is small for her type, allthough there is no lower limit on a C, you do prefer them to grow above sec.A size :) 
The welsh is a UK breed from Wales and is extremely versatile. They excell in dressage, jumping and driving. They have incredible movements and a very high steping trot. They are warm blooded, but steady and secure. Yet they can look extremely fiery in the show ring. I love them, and I would never ever switch breeds. My girl will never be tall enough for me to ride, but I bought her as a driving pony so no worries :)

So there... an update on my baby girl. I went to a couple of fleamarkets today and last night, and brought home treasures! I'll be showing them off soon :D


Hulda said...

Fantastisk flotte bilder du har tatt av den vakre unghesten din. Så herlig hun er! Virkelig flott i fargene, og så spenstig og fin. Du har fanget henne vakkert med kameraet.

RoseSommer said...

Skal bli moro å se loppeskattene!
Hestebildene er utrolig fine. Fantastisk liv i den flotte hesten på bildene.

andrea said...

She looks beautiful and noble and strong! andrea@townandprairie

andrea said...

She looks beautiful and noble and strong! andrea@townandprairie

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a sweetie.....

Monica Helén said...

Nyyydelige bilder Trine! Og gjett om du var heldig med det nederste bildet ja...:) kjempefint er det! =)
Savner dere begge!