Thursday, October 13, 2011

Latte Bowls & Vintage Spoons

During one of my many fleamarket prowls this season I stumbled upon one of these spoons with a pewter neck. I fell in love right away, and when I dug around the box I found another four. They are long necked, so I think they work super well for deserts served in a tall glass. 

I also dug out some of my newer latte bowls, man I am addicted too these. Not only are they pretties for the eye (and I do not hide them ine th cupboard either), but they are so handy for when I am making food, baking or simply serving up small batches of things. Can't ever get enough, can I? 

October so far has been chilly, but very sunny. I am loving this weather, and we sure were due a gorgeous autumn after that rather soaky wet summer. Serioulsy! The ponies are thriving too, and they seem to be very content in their new stable. I am finally getting past the worst of the cold that had me crippled into a ball of snotty unhappiness. Still not cured, but at least my energy is back.

So I am hoping for a fine weekend, seems sunday will be a busy day at Vinnord with everyone comming over to get it readied for winter. Stacking firewood and fixin' the doors & windows ect. I will need to come up with something hot for dinner that will feed a bunch. 
I am also hoping for a trip to a few fleamarkets :) After all the season is nearing the end, and I dont want to miss out on anything good :)


Herman Grans ♥ said...

Lekre skåler og skeier! :)
Ønsker deg ein fin dag!
Hilsen Grete

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Tee!

I wanted to let you know, I am posting this week about adding some old rusty horse shoes to my back staircase. YOU completely inspired me with your horse shoe stairs and so I wanted to link to you and use your photo from your cottage tour!

Hope that is ok with you?
Let me know!

Love your green and white bowls. Your stables look amazing! So nice to have everyone help you to get ready for the winter.


Monica Helén said...

Virkelig flotte ting du viser frem her gojenta..=)
Når det er høst, tenker jeg på deg. Jeg kjenner ingen andre som er så gla i høsten som du, og jeg kjenner at det smitter litt over på meg..=)
Men kulda kan jeg ikke fordra. gruer meg til vinter og snø, glatte veier og dårlige dekk...

Kom på besøk snart a jenta..! Savner deg!

Randi said...

fiine skåler og skjeer du har og så fin farge..digger den grønnfargen jeg.:-)

kos deg med helgen..:-)

polkadotpeticoat said...

So super jealous I love bowls and the colors!