Monday, October 24, 2011


My blogging inspiration is a bit off latly. I dont even know why, I just don't have anything to show, or talk about. There are no new projects going on, just a few unfinnished ones (the mudroom doors & floors) that need to wait untill spring. I am dying to get started on the guestroom, but money is a bit scarce at the moment, so that too will have to wait.
But on a happier note,I THINK my dear Heksa cat is pregnant! It looks like she might burst into kittens at any moment. I have been wanting a litter from her,, so this is happy news! But now I am scared shitless that something will go wrong of course! I hope she and her kittens will be alright and I cant wait to meet them all :)
  You know what!? I am in a Yuletime mood allready. Kind of crazy I know, it has NEVER happend to me this early before. But I serioulsy cant wait for dec. 1st so I can start decorating my cottage! I am not gonna bore you with holiday inspirations yet though, as I fear you all may be more normal than me and still be in autumn mode! Ha ha...
I've spent alot of time reading too, the new "Septimus Heap" book, called "Darke". It is like drinking one huge cup of creamy hot chocolate. Serious goodness! Angie Sage is a star. Not since Harry Potter has books tickled my senses like this one! So if you havent read them yet, and miss that thrill of HP I think you should pick them up. I am NOT comapring them to HP though, because SH is alot different from HP. But they are G-O-O-D man... truly!
I'll be updating with some Pixie news as well, was out photographing her the other day :) With my sister. I think we got some really good photos.

if there is anything you would like me to blog about, anything you'd like to see more of, please let me know :)

(all images by from my cottage)


RoseSommer said...

Så lærte jeg noe idag også. Septimus Heap hadde jeg ikke hørt om. Men jeg HAR lest Harry Potter altså, og likte den, men ga meg etter den første boken. Jeg er jo tross alt 50. En kan ikke forlange mer av damer på min alder.
Forøvrig er jeg også i utrolig tidlig julemodus. Forstår ikke dette. Kan nesten ikke vente. Kjøpte nytt juleservise for kr 30 i bruktbutikk idag. Ville begynne å bruke det straks, men får vel vente en måned.

Monica Helén said...

helt utrolig nydelige bilder! )
Skjønner hva du mener med at man er litt OFF ang blogging, jeg klarer ikke komme på noe å blogge nå om dagen, og det frusterer meg veldig!
Men nå har jeg jo ett nytt servise jeg vil vise hele verden..=) <3


Luciane at said...

Oh, I totally understand what you're saying... You know, sometimes we need to take a break and see what's outside... Inspiration is everywhere.

Have a blessed weekend!


Luciane at

S.P. Bordershot-Photography said...

Great pictures.