Saturday, October 8, 2011

oh well...

I ment to make a good update today, do some shots around the house, and show you some autumn decor. But I have forgotten the camera at the stables. Yupp... I was photographing Glenys and Pixie, and there is still is. So no photos from me to day I'm afraid. I have just started my autumn holiday, with a cold. Hurray. But at least I have a super excuse to lie on the sofa, drink tea and read blogs. eh? 

Also, the horses has finally moved into the stable, and after a day with a bit of trouble, my friends horse decided to make a break for it, twice... she broke out of the fencing and went back into her box. Ha ha... at least she didnt run off. But my sweet dad made a better gate for the paddock, and they now stay inside like good girls. I love having them home, finally. Pixie is so cuddely, and you can really see she's lighting up when I come down to brush her. Because they are still youngsters, I leave them mostly alone for now. Just a little brushing once in a while. But during winter I will start taking them on walks :) That should be fun. 

I am sharing pinterest delights with you today, in lack of anything else.
Keep enjoying October everyone! I will be back with cottage-udates soon!!!

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Claudia said...

I'm glad the horses are all in the new barn - I have a cold, too, courtesy of my husband!