Tuesday, April 9, 2013

King of the Cottage

Lets just get one thing out in the open right away:
ask anyone who knows me and they will all answer you this:
Miss Tee in the cottage is just a few cats away from being that crazy cat lady.
the O-man allready calls me the crazy cat lady. I would pretty much do anything for my little furries.
And how could you refuse them anything when they're all such huge personalities and cute as a button to boot! Let me present you to Mr. Hokus! (the Girls were not available for photos at the time being. They were having their beauty sleep)
This here is my youngest, Mr. Hokus. A large white male of 1,5 years. Total heartbreaker of course. And gets away with a lot of serious mischief! He is just absolutely full of energy and it drives me insane at times.

One of the favorites spots is the kitchen window, it looks out on the porch and the front door where he can watch out for visitors. It is in fact a beloved spot for all my cats.
Owning cats, or rather, being owned by cats, is a truly brilliant and loving experience. I have been cat-less for short periods of my life, and will not ever go back there. It is a dismal place to be.
But like I said, having cute furries around the cottage is not all smiles and sunshine.
Like for example when Hokus decides at 5 am that it is breakfast time, and starts the procedure of waking me up. Which doesnt work all that well at 5 am let me tell you! What does my resourceful boy do then you might ask?
Oh let me tell you... he goes to work on my bedroom walls! Shredding the wallpaper... and yep, that does it too. I get up! There are several shredded patches of wallpaper in my bedroom now. Alltough I have managed to make him stop by talking to him sternly, my once beautiful bedroom is just a little less presentable now.
Then there is the case of the Muddy paws! No one, I repeat; no one of my other cats manages to get quite as dirty as this wee boy. He is just a master at the art of muddy paws. And he likes to "Paint" on the sofa, the bed or just about any newly washed floor.
Oh and if you ever come over to the cottage wearing a scrunchie for your hair. Do not put it anywhere. Hokus will find it, and he will assume it is his personal play thing!
Not to worry though, if we can't find it anywhere it is sure to turn up in the water bowl the next morning. One morning I got up I found no less than FIVE of these resting at the bottom of the bowl.

Other things he likes to do for my entertainment (or to simply test my patience) is climbing on top of the tv (I still have one of those massive tv's from the 90's) where he hangs over the screen watching movies along with me. I am actually concidering getting a flat screen for this reason alone.
And then last night he decided licking the hand soap was a good idea. To the O-mans great entertainment. Newsflash: cats doesnt like soap either, and make funny faces when tasting it.
Or placing both front paws firmly in the waterbowl, kick off with his hind legs and "drive" it around the floor. Water splashing everywhere...
most of all he just wants to be where I am. No matter where that is: shower - Cooking - or his favorite: changing the bed covers. He even recognizes my car and comes running when I come home from work.
One thing's for certain, life is never ever dull at the cottage!


Hulda said...

Så fin, ny geader du har laget. Flotte bilder, og stilig med den vimpelrekka. Så fint innlegg med påskepynten, alle eggene du har samlet var så flotte. Søt katt du har bilder av i dette innlegget. :)

Trädgårds/Hage-intresserad said...

Åh så roligt att läsa! Hihi, kunde värkligen se kattens bus som i bio framför mina inre ögon... hihi.
So fun Reading your text! Could really see your cat Before my Eye as in a Movie... hihi.!
Have a nice time