Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Celebrations

Confession: I have still not removed my easter/spring decor... I wasnt able to stay much at the cottage during the celebrations. My well went dry, and cottage life is made rather hard without any water. Thank goodness for the outhouse loo. But it's still rather freezing here in Norway, and the experience was very very cold!
The water is back by the way....
So I am content with leaving the chicks, eggs and bunnies out just a little longer really.
And because was able to borrow my sister's bad ass camera... well I have something to show you at long last!

Spruced up for spring. My smallest Aqua candle stick broke the other day. I will have to try and glue it back together.

The balls of moss were made by stuffing real moss into these metal balls I found at a flea maket last Autumn. The smart little bunny man was painted by me when I was little. My grandmother, who passed away suddenly in febuary this year, made and painted porcelain figures. Sometimes we gor Our own figures to paint too.
My newest additions. Glittery white, victorian bunnies! I absolutely love them!

I like to keep it a bit crisp and simple, airy if you like during spring.
I cannot tell you how much I long for brighter summer days right now. I am tired of snow!

My Beach cottage style that always invade me during summer is slowly making an entry again too. The white whale is back where it feels right at home. Stacked up on Three rusty wonderful flower frogs.
A small selection of my vintage easter egg Collection. I usually hang these in branches in a huge vase. But seeing as I had a bit of a water issue this year, I gathered them all in basket instead.

My Avon Bunny! I found this cutie at a fleamarket as well. Complete in his Box, with the candle still intact. The scent was gone (it was supposed to be a scented candle), but I burned it up and replaced with a tea light. I absolutely love him. So cottage cute it's a bit painful!
I truly hope your easter was brilliant! Mine was, despite the lack of water!
I have my sisters camera for another day or so. And will try to shoot loads, so I have Things to update with for a while. Thanks for not giving up on me!


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Gorgeous... especially love your wee whale in the cloche and the turquoise thing the plant is on! The bun' is adorable too. :) May the water stay -- and the snow go...

Melanie said...

Your vignettes are works of them. And hey, I have that Avon bunny! I actually have two of them - found at a thrift shop. :-)

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