Sunday, July 17, 2011

it never rains....

...but it goddamn pours!

Yeah, when I arrived home from my two brilliant weeks in Bournemouth, a cute english beach city, I found my lawn soaked, my plants drowned. It's like a marsh out there! And today it's raining still. Making me feel alittle down in the dumps, truth me told. The summer in Norway is short enough, we really don't need it to rain away. Sigh... so I am sure hoping for an indian summer, and a golden autumn commin' up.

There ain't much happening here at the cottage lately, every job has come to a bit of a stand still :) Before my next project that is. But there is excitement in the future... I can promise you that. I have allready started planning the guestroom, and well the atlier is comming together nicely now. Allthough a little deeper and darker than I first wanted it to be. I cant show you any pics from there just yet... but what I am gonna show you are three teaser pics from the biggest photoshoot my cottage has ever seen so far. My sister, Eva Feldmann, which just graduated photography school did them all... for a secret thats soon gonna reveal itself! So please check in soon for it :)
I hope your summer is going okay, and not being washed away by this rain we're having here up in Norway!

I'll be back with new pictures of my English treasures soon!


Hulda said...

Så nydelig det bildet med rosen i kjelen var. Vakkert.

RoseSommer said...

Det er så mye spennende å se hos deg! Synd sommeren ikke er så bra i år heller. Har akkurat vært ute og reddet en liter bringebær fra drukningsdøden innimellom bygene.

Prinsesse Vilikke said...

Flotte bilder!! Været er ikke mye å skryte av her i det kalde nord dessverre. Krysser fingrene for at det snur!

Fortsatt god kveld!

Laurie Anne said...

I feel for you when it comes to the rain. I live in Seattle, Washington and we are in the middle of the wettest summer in history.