Thursday, July 28, 2011

pin it!

Oh I know I have been a bad bad bad blogger lately. The thing is, the days arent long enough... I feel like I RUN all day now. To work - from work - after work.

Since I got home from the UK I haven't really had any me time... I miss "me time".
My head is bursting with ideas, so many that I feel constantly stressed! I need to sit down, have them all plotted into my idea book so I can empty out my head...

yes I am alittle bit mad...

I haven't had time to walk around with the camera and take shots either.

I really want to show you my study/atlier, but the lighting up there is horrific and the pics just come out aweful. So I loose momentum and forget about it...

In the few moments I have before bedtime I surf alittle on pinterest... a new addiction that!
And I try to close my eyes to the mess my cottage has become lately... i really need a home-cleaning-decorating-day... soon!

So for now all I can do is show you some interesting things from pinterest, and hope you keep comming back when I am ready for more cottage goodies.


Hulda said...

Håper du får bedre tid, liker bildene dine. Likte godt bildet av bordet med stolene rundt.det med stolene rundt.

- Brittany said...

Trine, I love those butterflies under glass. It is reminiscent of my butterfly window.

Saw your cottage on the Old painted Cottage and had to stop over!

Thanks for opening your home.