Friday, July 29, 2011

Romantic Prairie Style

If you are one of the few persons who missed out on Chez Fifi's new book "Romantic Prairie Style" you need to set that straight. This book is a sure gem... Filled from front to back with inspiring photos from amazing cottages, farms and houses from brilliant people, here is a complete list of their web sites/blogs in chronogical order.
- Parisienne Farmgirl
- Savvy City Farmer
- Carol Spinski
-Ekster Antiques
- Christian McCord (no www. found)
- Faded Plains
-French Larkspur
- Chez Fifi
the Old Painted Cottage
- Lisa Adkins (no www. found)
-Dreamy Whites
- Summer Cottage Antiques

I also wanted to show you my new birdcage. It's a wooden, lovely, huge thing in mint green. Unfortuantly it got a bit kicked around during transport, but it still looks rather nice. I am not entirely sure what to do with it yet, but for now it is sprucing up my dining room :)
also bought a old pipe in the uk... for some reason I just really love pipes...
hope you're all having a good day! Will be back soon. I am gonna get out all my buckets and mops sunday and do a proper house cleaning. So maybe It'll be photogenic afterwards eh?


Hulda said...

Boka er nydelig! Har nettopp kjøpt den! Er veldig inspirert!

The Painted Garden said...


I just visited your charming home oh goodness - it is just adorable - I love all things old and worn and your home is a lovely example of a delightful cottage. Thank you for sharing your home.
Have a wonderful day.
My heart and prayers are with your people in Norway.

Ellie said...

hi~ Just visited Jennifer at the old painted cottage AND your beautiful home. YUM! It is so crisp and peaceful. Love your kitchen. Wish mine looked like yours, but . . . it can't. I rent and they just put in new modern cabinets in a reddish brown wood, black appliances, and "fake" granite countertops that scream "fake." YIKES! So NOT cottage style. NO possibility of even asking to paint them. I am addicted to blogging, but had not run across yours. Have it bookmarked. Will return. Thanks for sharing your lovely cottage.

mia said...

Oh, I am ready to pack my bags and head to Norway! Your cottage is beautiful and so inviting. You have done a wonderful job with everything. Thanks for sharing on The Old Painted Cottage. It was a real treat to tour your house this afternoon!