Saturday, July 23, 2011

the darkest day...

Yesterday was the darkest day in Norwegian history since the WW2.

Images of the bomb explosion in Oslo, wounded people, dead people still reel in my head as the news of the shooting at Utøya... a youthcamp has been attacked.

Over 80 kids dead....a massacre

and then to learn the terrorist is homegrown.

Being attcked by your own leaves a hole in your soul so huge there are no words...

today marks a day in history that never should have happend...

my heart goes out to everyone who suffers at the hand of this madman and his violent acts.

Today I remain a proud Norwegian, and we will stand together against terror. Like our prime minister said, NO ONE can bomb us to silence, NO ONE can shoot us to silent. NO ONE will ever scare us from being Norway.

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