Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Divine Equine

It's absolutely no doubt about it. Autumn has arrived. I am not the least bit sad about this. The air is crisp, the smells are wonderful, Pixie will soon come home from her summer on grass, the stable is nearly done, there are fleamarkets every weekend, and mushrooms are sprouting all over the place. As soon as my parents come home from their week in the Cretean sun there will be several days where we all pull together and get the firewood inside, fix the stable to perfection and get ready for winter. My family always do this together, because working as a team is so much more fun than alone. And it usually means alot of coffeebreaks, even more laughter and something good to eat at the end of the day :)

This wooden stand-basket-thing was a fleamarket treasure from last weekend. I am thinking of using it to hold old brollies and canes. So now I have to look for that :)
Like my dirty old stable-boots? :) The ribbons were Pixie's catch from the weekend. She came third in her class (of three... so uhm...) and got two nice ribbons. We are getting quite the collection now.

I really miss Pixie now, and I cant wait for her to come inside. I am actually looking forward to getting up at six am each morning, head down to my parents farm and do the morning rutines before having breakfast with mum and then off to work. Having horses is the best cure for any depression or low feeling in the world.

I also wanted to share with you some inspiration from pinterest. For my stable. The stable at mum and dad's won't be decorated as I want it, but once I move Pixie to the cottage next autumn, it will be a different story alltogether.
(click image to go to source)
I wouldnt mind a fence like this for my girls next year. But I hardly think I can afford something like this.

I like this, hung somewhere. So now I am looking for a metal horsehead like that.

I totally need those boots by the way! They're gorgeous! And dead expensive too :(
It's important to look good in the stable... eh... well I usually wear track bottoms and old disgarded shirts. oh well...


Hulda said...

Så herlig i gangen din! Den døra var knallfin! :) Tøffe boots også. :)

andrea said...

I just love the fact that you have a little stable for your very own pony! It makes your cottage sooooo romantic! andrea @ townandprairie

Monica Helén said...

Flott lite funn du hadde fra loppemarkedet der...=)
Og jeg tror du har rett i at hest er bra for/mot depresjonen..=)

lala said...

The basket is wonderful - how perfect for umbrellas & walking sticks! I just love the color on the door - your home is absolutely beautiful, very serene and charming. You have a great eye for decorating!!

Aria Minx said...

That fence is divine!

I love your minty green door too

Luciane at said...

Oh, it's so nice to meet you! Your comment made me so happy. I'm glad you enjoy the "cottage of the week".

Your blog is filled with gorgeous posts and so much inspiration! You're doing a great job here.

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at

RoseSommer said...

Hei, jeg sitter og kikket litt på ETSY, og fant noen fine skilt. Da jeg så dem, så kom jeg til å tenke på deg. Kanskje du liker dem?
Her er linken, hvis du vil se: