Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still breathing...

I am sorry for the lack of updates. Life is busy and truly I am stressed out. So I have had no time whatsoever to play at home, unfortunatly. So therefor no new interior shots today. Allthough I am sure I have stuff to show you. Soon I hope!

So for now you will have to be satisfied with a picture of my pony... yes I know it's been very horsey here these past posts. But Pixie is a big part of my life, and she has inspired my decorating as well as my style. And I just love this picture of her that my sister took last weekend. I arranged a pony show, and I was speaker at the same time as trying to keep it all together... So a friend showed her in the ring.

She'll be home first week of October, I hope. Her stable is ready to be inhabited, and I find myself spending time there, even if there's no one living there yet. I am so thankful to my father for building me that stable. Next year I hope to move it to the cottage, but for now it resides at my parents farm. And serioulsy, I cant wait to get up at dawn to go see her every morning. Her and her sister.... Wee-Glenys. My two ponies this winter.

so untill I have some more decorating to show you... don't forget about me ;) I sure need some sweet comments and smiles these days. I kind of feel a bit "off". And that just aint any fun!



Størhuset said...

Har savnet innegg, men ikke alltid lett å få tid, har selv ikke blogget på lenge. Tida strekker ikke til. Koselig med bilder av din vakre ponni, nydelig. ser fram til nytt innlegg:)

Linda said...

Så hyggelig å titte innom bloggen din! Kom tilfeldigvis forbi, gjennom bloggsurfing som startet i en av de danske bloggene jeg leser - og endte opp her! Morsomt. Da jeg er en Sigdalsjente (som bor i Nittedal) med to hester hjemme på Ulbergsida, syns jeg det var en morsom tilfeldighet at jeg havnet her!

Ser ut som at utstillingen gikk strålende og at dere hadde en fin dag! Har sett bildene gjennom Marianns profil på facebokk!

Kommer definitivt til å titte innom igjen!
Ønsker deg en fin uke!

Kh Linda

andrea said...

Such a beautiful pony! I look forward to when you post photos of your new stable. We're all feeling a little 'off.' Fall here has been pretty damp and gloomy so far. andrea@townandprairie

Monica Helén said...

Herlig med Pixie-update også jenta...=)
Så hyggelig at hun skal få ha med søsteren sin i stallen..=)) KLEMS!