Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of Autumn

September... maybe one of my favorite words and names. It just tastes soft, cool, and cozy to me. And today didnt dissapoint, I woke up to a foggy field. A silence, a promise of colder days to come. Crisp air and warmt of a scarf wrapped around you.

September... I welcome you.

Sipping my warm cup of morning coffee in the rocking chair on the porch. Wrapped in my favorite wolly shawl. I am once again reminded why I love autumn... I plan on savouring every moment of this season.

These two canister were bough at last weekends fleamarked. Love them... I keep walnuts in one, and the other is unoccupied at the moment. But probably not for long.
I am so frustrated with my camera, well mum's camera to be honest, I cant get the light I want. Not like my sister does it. Everything seems either washed out, pixelated or too damn dark... If anyone has any handy tips for me... let me know. Becuase I love to style, but photographing it is simply a pain. And I cant anoy my sister everytime I want to blog! o.O you know...
I play around with ISO and other settings... but I fear this camera simply isnt up to the task. And my rooms are quite light filled, they arent dark... Aaargh -and tear my hair out- 
Hope your camera is working for you :)


Monica Helén said...

Skulle ønske jeg hadde penger til å kjøpe ett nytt kamera til deg! Men som oftest er det motivene som er det viktigste likevel, og der har du alltid fulltreffere..=)


christina @ Rum*mage said...

Oh my. I just found your blog and am in love! not only is your home beautiful but you are a fellow horse lover! I am from South Wales UK and live in the centre of welsh cob country! Although i prefer warmbloods as I am a jumper. I am currently hoping to redecorate, all be it slowly between horses and my little girl. I love how you have used accents of them in your home. Im afraid that I might end up with the tacky pub look if I try, my sense of style isnt too refined lol. Also LOVE your use of the field guide. I hope you dont mind if I do something similar on my stairs. Finding interesting prints is both difficult and expensive. You are genius!

Your newest fan

Monica Helén said...

SV: Savner deg også snuppa!! =)))
Mja, det hender jeg føler meg som en litt god mamma, men ikke alltid...=) dEt er virkelig mye utfordringer som mamma.. men tuuusen takk!! =)