Friday, September 2, 2011

Dustpan & Fruitpress.

The last batch of those treasures I found last weekend. I wonder what this comming saturday will bring :) Sunday I am not going because of another horse-show for Pixie to attend. But I am SO going hunting saturday.
 it's nested up there on my shelf. Mum found it for me, and I love it! It's green, so of course I treasure it.
it's a fruit press. I dont know if I'll ever use it though. But it sure is pretty.

I also found this old dustpan. I hung it next to my DIY blackboard and hung polaroids by magnets made og old buttons.
 pretty cute huh? Thats my sister and I by the way, this summer at a car-boot sale in England.

see you after the weekend yeah?


polkadotpeticoat said...

Wow I love your treasures and that dust pan and your potato ricer what a wonderful shade of green!
I'm your newest follower..

becky up the hill said...

Yes it's a potato ricer..those things press your cooked potatoes through into a bowl and add the milk and butter, and it's magic! Downside, they can be a little messy. Great finds!

Randi said...

Hei du snuppa!!

Så utrolig mye flott du har blogget siden sist jeg var her inne...å det er nok alt for lenge siden:-)

jeg ser på hedderen din at du har ett kjerrehjul....har du flere bilder av det...og hva bruker du det til? pynt i taket?

Monica Helén said...

Ooooh, jeg digger sånne polaroidbilder... Man får ikke tak i slike kamera lenger, gjør man?

linda t said...

I grew up in Wisconsin with a potato ricer. You just put your hot cooked, drained potatoes through the ricer and then dish em up on your plate and add gravy.
Simply the best!