Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pixie & Nora

Sunday was another outing for "team Pixie". Which means me, my sister and Pixie, the pony! It was a tiny, local horse show that we went to. This time however we brought with us Nora, my cousin's daughter of 14. Nora loves all animals, but because of allergies in the family all she can keep is a fish. You can't cuddle a fish!

So I let her handle Pixie for most of the day, and the two youngsters got on so well together. It was so fun to see. Nora is not used to handeling horses, and especially not yearlings like Pixie. But both she and Pixie rose to the occasion beautifully. And as the day progressed, so did their friendship. Nora enjoyed walking with Pixie so much that by the time the judge wanted to see her she was rather pooped! Ha ha... well thankfully I never cared about the judging, I just wanted my girls to have fun. 

And I really think both Nora and Pixie had a wonderful time together. And we can't wait to have her over again.
Nora really dressed for the occasion in a plaid coat, hunter green wellingtons and scarf. She looked like a model from the english countryside.
 Nora also helped me wash Pixie the day before. Which was a new experience I am sure. She was alittle worried about what Pixie would behave, but they soon found the tone, and from then on there was no parting them.
For me it was alot of fun to see my young pony handle a "newbie" so well. Even when she was alittle worked up she behaved pretty darn good. She reared once, which I have never seen before, but she never tried to pull away. I can trust her with anyone!
We also had a chance to meet other ponies and horses. This here is Flame, a mixed breed riding pony. She was lovely!
I will leave you today with this image, to show you the wonderful weather we had towards the end of they day! At least you could pick me out in the crowd eh?

Hope you all had a great weekend. I also found some fleamarket treasures, which I will update on in a later post!


polkadotpeticoat said...

They both looked so sweet together.........dang you made me laugh so hard....you are so funny!
I looked like this saturday mud head to toe though for me in the rain!

Monica Helén said...

Hehe..=) Skikkelig hyggelig bilde av deg snuppa..=)
Koselig innlegg!