Friday, March 2, 2012

this is ME!

NIB (Norwegian Interior Bloggers) hosts a contest at the beginning of every month. I used to enter alot, but lately I havent. I just have not been inspired by their themes... up untill now that is :)

This month's theme is simply "this is me".... show your personal decor style... and if anything, Vinnord oozes of personality... she's ALL ME!

so here is a selection of some of the things here at Vinnord that is all me, my creativity and craziness!

using books to keep the matress in place, adds a quirky factor to my bedroom :)

my diningroom is my favorite room at the cottage. The colours and the light is just perfect.

these homemade butterfly magnets are found everywhere in my home. They add just enough whimsy to anything.

I love cloches, and the vignettes underneath changes often.

possibly my favorite decor detail, the horse shoes on my steps

equestrian flair in the hallway. Pixie's prize-ribbons and just enough oomph.

the birdcage with ivy has been well used in many a home, but the hanging keys are rather original :) I love this idea I had, and it has not worn out.

my atlier is filled with strange items for holding my tools. It gives me alot of inspiration.

whimsical wall hangings in my atlier, hung "all over the place". There is no doubt that an artist works up here ;)

So there you are, some of the personality traits of me, and of Vinnord. Now wish me luck in the contest ;)


Olga@Stardust-Decor&Style said...

Good luck! Your personality in your house screams everywhere! You deserve the prize!

Monica said...

Lykke til! :) du fortjener å vinne!! ;)

jessica said...

So pretty!!! Love the books in your bed :)

Gøy på Tangen said...

snublet tilfeldig inn her og for en blogg! herlige bilder med masse detaljer av sånt jeg liker. legger meg til som følger:)

TreToEn said...

Så herlige farger og bilder! Lykke til i utfordringene :)
Legger meg til som følger hos deg, gleder meg til å være med videre!

Klem Linnea

dagdrømmeren said...

Herlige bilder!
Ønsker deg en fin kveld
Jeg tar meg en liten bloggrunde før jeg skal stupe i seng :)
Klem Tonje

Jenny said...

I love love your table and chairs! I saw them on Pinterest and want to recreate the look in my home. Would you mind telling me the paint colors you used?
my email is