Friday, March 23, 2012

one DIY lantern makeover

This is an old project, but still one of my favorite. I love lanterns, and I have more then I can count really. I always wanted some big floor laterns, but they are so expencive, I never could afford the ones I liked. Then I found a set, at a cheap store. I liked the deign, I hated the colour. It was a dark black-brown stained with something that was supposed to resemble rust. They were not classy at all! But they were cheap! So I bought them, thinking I could fix 'em up alittle :)

before picture. I have removed the glass. This is the larger one of the set.

I had some left over green stains from diy-ing my diningroom candlier, and I decided to try and get a verdigris effect out of it.

 I added alot of layers, rubbed it down, spritzed on some light aqua, and then rubbed it off again... it was messy, and alot of fun. Finally I was left with a effect I really liked.
The lager lantern has been used for many things. Not just candles. I used it as a terrarium for  while, and then I had smaller hanging lanterns inside it. After I while I found this tealight tree thing at a fleamarket and decided it would look cool with it. They now live in the stairway. The only place they really shine and stand out :)

Inspired? :)

on another note, I am absolutely itching to get my hand on some of this stuff:
I have so many ideas how to used this stuff. This paint contains REAL metal particles, and the reactor stains force out verdigris, rust ect. My og MY! It is a decor-freaks wet dream!!!

I have found it in Sweden, but not in Norway yet... sometimes I really hate living up north!


polkadotpeticoat said...

I love the re-do....

Anne said...

What a beautiful job! I love these & the paint finish is superb.

found you through Better After & I'm a new follower!


I {heart} Rhody said...

Found you via Better After. I love the updated look! Great job!

Claire said...

Another visitor from Better After! This finish is absolutely gorgeous. It is exactly the look I would like for a lantern (or anything else!) in my house. I have never heard of verdigris before so I now have to find out more about this finish.

So glad your beautiful project was featured :)

Claire @

Monica Helén said...

Som jeg sa i en annen kommentar istad; du er bare rett og slett helt fantastisk, fantasifull og kreativ! :) Flinke flinke jenta! Jeg elsker de lyktene dine, de er perfekte..:)

Kammy's Korner said...

Oh just gorgeous!! I need to remember to start looking for those in thrift shops/garage sales! I'd LOVE for you to come link this up over on Kammy's Korner for Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday if you get a chance. :)

Dawn said...

Love what you've done with the lanterns. I too enjoy lanterns...seeing how beautiful you made them, inspires me!