Friday, March 9, 2012

Ever been to Marita's?

There is a charity shop not far from Vinnord called "Marita's". It is a Christian shop, helping out people in need. Every week they are open tuesday evenings and saturday mornings. It is a wonderful place full of treasures, and it's all for a good case too!

it is where I bought my blue shoes (here photographed) at the shop.

 It is the nicest place really, with the greatest workers. All volunteers for this good case, among them, my sister Eva!
I highly recommend going there. The Marita Fundation has this shop in Mjøndalen, and one in Oslo.
They have a facebook page: Marita's 

They have great coffee and sinfully good waffles!

So if you have nothing to do tomorrow... you now know what you'll be doing ;)

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polkadotpeticoat said...

How did I miss your shoes post....they are so sweet and what a fun thrift shop!