Monday, April 29, 2013

Dressed in Thirty... v.2

I promised you I would post some more fashion post here at Vinnord. I have recently become a lover of reading plus-sized fashion blogs. So many inspiring girls out there! Truly! And they look fantastic too! My favorites at the moment are babble + bloom and frocks & frou frou. Their style is fantastic!

oh and have you read the Militiant Baker??? You should... any woman should! She rocks your socks off. My promise!

So I wanted to show you what I wore for entertaining coffee guests on sunday...

Skirt: ebay treasure
top & cardi: H&M
Shoes: Deichman
Belt: Levis
Glasses: Carerra

I swear I didnt actually plan on dressing to match my cottage decor o.O But I do love these colours, anywhere!!!

My god the hair on my head is giving me headaches these days. It's neither this or that. I only like the colour! I hope it grows out to a more do-able length soon!

My friend Monica took all of these photos and manged a few cute snaps of two of the furries as well. Here is Hokus with his nochalant stroll through the Kitchen!

And Hulder watching for birds at the atlier upstairs :)

Hope you had a good weekend as well :)


Hulda said...

Så stilig du var på bildene! Ser ut som du koser deg. :) Flott bilde av Hulder også.

Hulda said...

Ps: Fint bilde av Hokus også. :)

Monica Helén said...

Gøy å se bildene mine i live på bloggen din..:) Det var herlig at du kledde deg opp til vi kom, det satte lixom prikken over i´en..:) Matchet virkerlig din villa! =)

Digger bildene jeg tok av kattene, nesten litt overrasket over et du ikke tok med nærbildet av Hokus... =) Men rettferdig, -én av hver.:)

Var kos å se dere.:) klems!!

andrea@townandprairie said...

You look lovely..right at home and comfortable in yourself!

Ellen said...

Flotte bilder av en vakker kvinne. herlige katter du har og for et herlig kjøkken.

56Merlot said...

Your blog makes me smile and you are lovely~thank you.Della in Mesa AZ