Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing houses

One of my favorite things to do with my sister is go house hunting. We get in the car, drive around on random and just looks at houses!!! Ones for sale or not, it doesnt matter. I love a good exterior! And sometimes, when the urge gets me, I do this online instead... so today I just want to show you some amazing houses that I have come across online :)

I certainly wouldnt mind this wee cottage, and that arched gateway is just gorgeous. I want one like that!

The elaborate, almost dragon style, decor on this swedish house has me absolutely captivated! And the location too is just dreamlike!

there is something special about houses at the waterfront. I love all the windows in this house, in every nook and corner... I wonder what it looks like on the inside...
A most adorable, crooked wee witches cottage this! Love the weathered shingles and the blue window!
another fairytale cottage, I just love! That chimney is to die for!
Just... breathtaking! I am a sucker for english cottage architecture!
A red swedish cottage. Now I do live in a red cottage myself. And intend on painting it black.. so I dont understand why I love these so much! But I do!

Maybe it's teh foliage of autumn, but this little lady has me enchanted! I would love to grow old there!

I dont know why this appeals to me, but there is something about this new zealand girl that I just love!
yes please! The colour and details are just perfect. I could see my horse grazing up front...
Maybe my all time favorite dream house. But that is all it is, a dream. The house ws buildt for the movie "Practical Magic" and it was just a shell.. once, when I am a millionar... I want to build a real copy of this!
Gotta love the turret!
A classy beauty she is! And I wouldnt mind peeking inside!
Another wee swedish, red cottage... just like mine :) But this one has that slanted roof I just love so much!
p.s. if I could find the source, the image is linked.


Virus said...

oh masse fint her :) gleder meg til å ta noen turer igjen snart :) kanskje noen visninger også?

raioX - da Tin said...

OMG they are just wonderful !! I loved , thanks for sharing , you make my dreams ;D

hugs from Brazil!
grande abraço do Brasil ! ;D


Anonymous said...

Kjør til Ingierstrand,ta gamle Mossevei derfra til Ski. Dere vil ikke bli skuffet ;)

Klem fra Queen Bee

Mille said...

SV: Nææææh, tuuusen takk Trinejenta...=)
Jeg var frustrert og dyttet beina ned for å slippe å måtte sitte å knote med skyggelegginga rundt skoa... orket ikke mere der og da og hadde en deadline. Men jeg er enig med deg! =)

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I love them all but the first little cottage is certainly my favorite! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Monica Helén said...

Så mange herlige hus!! Fikk lyst til å lete etter hus selv jeg nå, men føler jeg blir litt motløs samtidig. Uansett, jeg har iallefall lyst til å begynne å planlegge hvordan jeg vil ha det i de forskjellige rommene den dagen jeg endelig får ett fast bosted igjen...=)

Karolina said...

so lovely, they look untrue!