Sunday, April 17, 2011

peeks from the Equestrian hallway :)

My good friend Mille from "Monique" came over today, along with her two wonderful boys and her equally wonderful mother. Mille loves my cottage. And she is always racing around the house spotting picture-perfect settings :) Which I dont mind. Dont mind it at all actually! She is a fantastic photographer, with the coolest camera ever! Love her! So all the photos today are trough her lens...

My dad and I (read mostly dad....) painted the floors and stairs today. So I am currently camped at my parents house while it dries. Tomorrow will be the 2nd layer and then I have one more layer on the railing to do, as well as the doors. I am so excited!

And I am so incredibly happy with the pictures on the wall. All the details will eventually be shown, but I just dont want to spoil the big finallè ;)
The framed postcards are antique postcards from early to mid 1900's. The larger pictures seen over are prints from said postcards (same artist). The framing are super cheap (but ended up super expensive due to the sheer number I needed)

Anyhow.. I am so happy and excited and full of energy. I loved hanging hooks and pictures and lanterns with Mille today! I great sunday!

She took some other awesome pics from the cottage, I will show you those some other time!
Have a good easterweek!


Hulda said...

Så fint i gangen din! Nydelig skråvegg også, og fine hestebilder. Har et innlegg ute i gult og grønt.

Monica Helén said...

Neeei, jeg glemte å redigere vekk den stikkontakten på det nederste bildet...! jaja.. Den er jo en del av historien, haha...:P

hadde det kjempekoselig idag!! =))) KLEMSS!

Atticmag said...

Oh, a horsey hallway. It looks great and I have to tell Allison, whoc will love it. Beautiful lantern there. Thanks so much for stopping by to see my new curtain. Jane