Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New-ish layout & spring baulbs

It's raining outside... and it's rather chilly. I stayed in bed for ages... listening to the tapp tapp of the spring drizzle, the sound of the birds, my cat purring and soft piano music on the radio. It was bliss. Because of the cold and wet though, I havent painted much today. Just the window. I'll do the doors next weekend :)

I am now off to pick up my sister at the trainstation. She's home for easter :) It'll be great! Thank goodness it's only another month or so untill she's home for good! I miss her terribly when she's away.I hope you enjoyed my pictures from the cottage today. I am in love with spring baulbs. I buy way too many :) But they are just so decorative. And you can "re-use" them outside. Just pop them out when they've died. And next spring, you'll have spring baulbs in the garden! :)

Hopefully new pics of the hallway will come soon. There is still that floor to do... sigh... can't say I'm looking forward to that!!!


Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I absolutely LOVE your photos from your little cottage - beautiful. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :O)

Myrullpiken said...


Vil bare gi deg en liten hilsen om at du er en av våre vinnere i vår giveaway:) Gratulerer:)
Hvis du sender din adresse til stinesofie_malterud@hotmail.com
så skal vi få sendt deg pakken så fort som mulig:)

Nyt påsken:)

Klemmer fra oss i Myrullpiken<3

Mamsens hus said...

Fine bilder. :)
Ha en riktig god påske!